Surprising health benefits of lemon

Surprising health benefits of lemon

1. Improves Cardiovascular Health
Lemons pack a lot of Vitamin C and research has shown that fruits and vegetables high in this vitamin lower your risk of heart disease. When you drink lemon water on an empty stomach in the morning and go out for a walk, you effectively improve your heart health and reduce any inflammation in your body.

2. Helps Break Down Body Fat and Lose Weight
Polyphenols are compounds found in lemons that help you break down fats and lower weight. In a study, subjects were given lemon juice, maple syrup and organic palm syrup for 7 days. The benefits of lemon for weight loss was observed.

3. Dissolves Kidney Stones
A study by the National Kidney Foundation has revealed that the citrate in lemons is effective in preventing kidney stones from forming in the body. Bigger stones get dissolved into smaller ones that are let out through the urine easily.

4. Boosts Iron Absorption
Lemon is known to boost iron absorption when you pair vegetables and other foods with it. Iron absorption is not a problem for those who eat animal meats since meat is rich in this nutrient but if you’re vegan, try adding some lemon juice to your diet as it helps prevent anaemia.

5. May Help Beat Cancer
According to many studies like this one and that, the flavonoids found in lemons are shown to reduce the risk of cancers like pancreatic cancer and stomach cancer. A research study revealed that the compound D-limonene which is present in lemons provides anticancer benefits.

6. Improves Your Digestion
Lemon juice is known to give your digestive system a boost when you take it the first thing in the morning. It serves as a natural laxative, prevents constipation, and makes your bowel movements more regular. Also, it purges toxins from your body which is a definite plus.

7. Eliminates Bad Breath
Got bad breath? Try drinking a glass of lemon juice in the morning and watch it disapper. Lemon juice has antibacterial properties too and prevents a dry mouth by hydrating you well.

8. Boosts Metabolism
If you’re struggling to lose weight, you’ll be happy to know that drinking lemon juice is an effective way to boost your metabolism. A higher metabolic rate means you burn more calories, stay in fat-burning mode longer, and enjoy the benefits of body toning more easily.

9. Cleanses the Liver
Your liver is a vital organ in the body responsible for transporting wastes, breaking down fats, and different crucial bodily functions. A clean liver is a sign of good health and lemon juice is known to help detox the liver.

10. Fights Inflammation
Lemon juice is known to have good anti-inflammatory properties. It’ll help you heal from respiratory tract infections and a sore throat too.

11. Boosts Energy Levels
Lemon juice is low in calories and a great way to boost your energy levels in the morning. It’s a powerhouse of nutrients like magnesium, phosphorus, riboflavin, folate, and calcium – all of which are essential for great overall health and a younger you.

12. Boosts Immunity
Lemon juice is known to boost immunity. A higher immunity translates to fewer chances of catching a common cold, flu, and various infections. Your body recovers faster and is able to protect itself from diseases a lot better.

13. Balances pH Levels
Cancer and various illnesses thrive when your body is acidic but lemon juice is known to alkalize your body instead. It pushes your body to pH levels of roughly 7.4 which is exactly what you need to stay healthy and cancer-proof.

14. Improves Production of Stomach Acid
Your gut health translates to how well you absorb nutrition from the supplements and foods you eat. Lemon juice fights off the bad bacteria present in your gut and boosts the production of stomach acid which is what you need for effective digestion and assimilation of nutrients.

15. Beats Asthma
Lemon juice or whole lemons supply your body with a lot of antioxidants. These compounds are known to fight against oxidative stress, thus making your lungs function better by producing allergens. This means you don’t suffer from asthma and your breathing clears up.

16. Relieves Anxiety
Lemon balm has been used since ages to relieve anxiety, de-stress, and ease tension or nervousness. This ends up boosting your focus and alertness, thus improving your productivity in daily life.

17. Curbs Appetite
You may find this odd but despite the fact that lemon juice is low in calories, it’ll leave you fuller when taken after meals. If you’re suffering from sugar withdrawal or junk food cravings, reach out for that fresh glass of lemon juice next time.

18. Regulates Blood Pressure
Regular intake of lemon juice is known to regulate blood pressure levels in the body, thus lowering your risk of stroke and heart disease effectively.

19. Lowers Cholesterol
Lemon juice is a popular natural remedy for lowering your triglycerides and HDL “bad cholesterol” levels. Now you know.

20. Natural Teeth Whitener
Lemon juice and baking soda, when combined and used for brushing the teeth are known to whiten them. It’s a natural teeth whitener that works.

21. Gives You Protein
The protein content in lemons soothes your Central Nervous System, regulates free radicals in the body, and promotes red blood cell formation too.

22. A Natural Diuretic
One of the best benefits of lemon for health is that it is a natural diuretic that improves the functions of your renal system. It flushes out toxins and metabolic wastes from your internal organs, keeping you protected from rheumatoid arthritis too.

23. Has Antibacterial Properties
The antibacterial properties in lemon juice are known to help fight against bacterial infections, fever, cough, common cold, and throat infections too.

24. Promotes Restful Sleep
When you combine lemon juice with herbs like valerian, and chamomile, it is known to promote restful sleep and is a natural cure for insomnia.

25. Relieves Pain
Since lemon juice has anti-inflammatory benefits, your blood vessels relax and tension leaves you quicker. This relieves pain and helps with your recovery after exercise or if you’re in rehab.



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    the flavonoids found in lemons are shown to reduce the risk of cancers like pancreatic cancer and stomach cancer.

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