Skill Acquisition, A Sure Route To Poverty Alleviation In Nigeria


“man is a bundle of possibilities”, who could have imagined the breakthroughs the world has recorded in various Fields; science and technology, entertainment, industry, sports, etc. Some years in the past? What was considered impossible in the early years was human development science of today proven not just attainable but without much ado. What moral lesson can one learn from all this happening than that the human intellect is open to boundless possibilities? What underlies the great interventions of the world if not the Curiosity of the Mind coupled with the passion to excel? It is a fact that the human person is a being with an innate inclination to transcend self, always seeking to go beyond, to achieve what has not been previously achieved.

The groundbreaking inventions of the world testified to these assertion. Given the breakthroughs in this human endeavours, how has humanity fared? Is the human race becoming any better? The answer is in the affirmative, some life-threatening situations emanating from the scientific word, like the issue of nuclear weapons, not withstanding. Casting and searchlights on our country, Nigeria we realize that has the word is growing in learning and inventions, she seems to be progressing in the reverse direction. It is no longer news that in Nigeria the gap between the rich and the Poor seems to be widening with every passing moment. The singular aim of this write up is there for to examine the phenomenon of poverty in Nigeria and show how the acquisition of key skills by a citizen can be a step in the right direction towards poverty alleviation.

Skill acquisition and self actualization

The individual uniqueness found in every human being shows that each person is different from the other. This does not constitute an essential differences but a difference in accidents.Thus, what makes one a man or woman in common to every man or woman, as the case may be, but what makes him or her this man or this woman is particular to him or her. One of the things that distinguish people one from another is Talents or skills.

While but refer to doing something well, the former is our natural inclination which can be developed through training but the latter is simple acquired. It follows therefore that everyone has a Wellspring of Talents to be developed through training and boundless possibility of acquiring other skills at the least opportunity. A very pertinent questions naturally arises from this : How does one acquire skills? First, it worth nothing that skill acquisition is a process that begins with desire, the desire to learn something new desire. This desire to learn something new lies the desire to assert oneself as a subject in the world.

Skill acquisition and social change

The wealth of a nation lies not simply in her natural resources but most importantly in our workforce. This is because she needed labour to harness the natural resources. It follows therefore that human resources play a greater role in wealth creation that natural resources. This implies that the world’s greatest project is not more of Harnessing her natural resources than developing and human resources.                     Experience has proven that with skilled labour a nation naturally rises above poverty. That some European countries with harsh climate and scarcely anything that goes by the name “natural resources”, and even Isreal with many environmental challenges, still find their way to the top in the list of the world’s giant economies is simple a sign that depends on human resources than on natural resources. Thus, skill acquisition is the Foundation of social change.

Skill acquisition and poverty alleviation in Nigeria

What is it that is needed to eradicate poverty in Nigeria? It is undeniable that many Nigerians would have different answer to this – some even conflicting with others. The fact remains that for many Nigerians “the end justifies the means”. We simple want to have this all on a platter of gold, to have wealth without work. Such does not work and has never worked. Wealth without work does not work!
Many blame the Nigerian government for being the cause of their poverty but such person forget so soon that those who are making it are still living under the same conditions. What such persons should ask themselves is “if others can, why can’t I?” This does not dispute the fact that some Nigerians are making it through dishonest means, such is also obtainable elsewhere in the world. But the fact remains that if one decided to use his or her skills to address the immediate problems in the environment, sooner or later he or she would begin reaping such benefit. Much therefore depends on skill acquisition. It has dawned on the consciousness of most Nigerian graduates to opt for self-employment. Even the Federal Government encourages search with soft loans from Bank of the industry. The most lucrative areas nowadays seems to be in the agricultural sector like poultry, farming, fishery, feed for production, cassava production, bee keeping, grass cutter farming, etc. It follows therefore that acquiring a special training in these area naturally gives one an edge over others. Thus, by going into any of these areas, one not only gains wealth but also improves the food productivity of the nation thereby boosting our economy. Similarly, other areas to explore in the search for appropriate skills to acquire are bakery and confectionery, fashion and designing, plumbing, carpentry, interior decoration to mention a few. These serve both the individual and the nation.


What could be more beneficial to other than the ability to accept oneself as a subject in the world? Since the human person is a bundle of possibilities, it follows that one has the innate capacity they acquired a variety of skills coupled with one’s other natural endowments. But both the skills to be acquired and the Talents to be harnessed require appropriate discipline and training to be brought to the force.this underscores the importance of education. If a man were born tall and strong, his size and strength would be of no good to him till he had learnt to use them, they would even harm him by preventing others from coming to his aid, “the main purpose of education is to prepare the young for future responsibilities and for success in life,by means of acquisition of the organised bodies of information and prepared forms of skill”. It follows therefore that Education is the basic of skill acquisition, which is a sure route to poverty alleviation, especially in our country Nigeria.



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    As a graduate, it’s best u learn skill cos Nigeria will frustrate u

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    Having a skill will save you a whole bunch

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