How To Earn $260 Or More Per Week As Google Search Engine Evaluator.

Search engine evaluator, what it does is that you evaluate search engine, for all of us who search on search engine like google and yahoo. Millions of people search for something and those result have to be interpreted by robots, logarithm and all these complicated code that google have paid billions of dollars for.

But it is not possible for code, robots and logarithm to evaluate every single search that several billions of people are putting into google millions of times per hour.

That is where you come in because as a human being you have an incredible uncomplicated brain and you are able to interpret what machine, codes and logarithm cannot and because you are able to do that ,that actually improves google search, that is why search engines like google and other search engine providers are willing to pay human being such as yourself to evaluate that result machine, code and logarithm cannot and because you do this that actually in turns improve google search and google makes more money, that is why google is willing to pay search engine evaluators to do this task on their behalf.

There are a lot of websites that allow you to apply as a search engine evaluator such as indeed, ziprecruiter. but the one that specializes in just search engine evaluation services who partners with search engine giant such as google to actually hire people just like you anywhere in the word to make money online just by evaluating simple google search result.

There are a lot of sites out there such as Leapforce, Radar, appen, Lionbridge, softstone and so on. The cool thing is that you can apply to work at multiple of these services to maximize your chance and how much money you can make by doing this simple task.

The site am going to be talking about is actually called appen. If you actually go to appen.com/jobs, there is a lot of different opportunities there, there is projects, micro task, surveys and data collection.

Now as a search engine evaluator what you are going to be doing essentially is evaluating search engine results for specific query, now what I mean is that you might type in something like Dallas restaurant.

If you type Dallas restaurant that means obviously you are probably looking for restaurant in Dallas, sometimes search engine result are strange or someone type something and they see what is not relevant to what they are looking for in the result ,that is exactly what search engine companies are paying for to uncover that type of strange words and query they don’t produce relevant result for the person that entered it.

The good thing is if you are only working for 20 hour per week and earning on the low end, google say you can earn per hour to actually be a search engine evaluator which is $12 to $15 per hour. That means you can earn up to $260 or more per week.



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    please if you have withdraw your money please dm me on WhatsApp 09063412735

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