School na scam: some students will later end up in years

School na scam: some students will later end up in years

School na scam” is one of the trendy expressions among the Nigerian youths and it has grown to be a negative mentality affecting many youths adversely. About the meaning, “School na scam” is a popular expression in Nigerian pidgin which implies that; since formal education does not guarantee success in life, we were deceived from childhood to believe otherwise. Many youths with this mentality tend to dropout of school or fail to further their education after completing elementary school. Even those in school can be affected by this mentality and it is part of the reasons why many students at the tertiary level are not serious with their studies.

Now, there are some important questions which you must answer before the mentality of “school na scam” motivates you to dropout or take school for granted. The first question is: Do you have something better to do with your life if you dropout of school or decide not to further your education? The sad fact is that many of these youths shouting “school na scam” do not have any sure business idea or talent which can help them to make a living if they leave school or take school for granted.

These youths deceive themselves by mentioning names of successful businessmen, rich artistes and footballers who do not have formal education or any “certificate”, they claim that such sucessful people are the proof of how pointless it is to go to school. However, one thing these same youths do not know is that they lack the value which made such people successful in life without formal education. Seriously, just take an honest look at yourself and ask yourself if you have a talent or sure business idea (with available capital) on which you can build a successful career right now without going to school. If your answer is “maybe”, then you do not have the audacity to say “school na scam.” Learn from the smart example of Wizkid. Before he dropped out of school, he was already sure that he could build a successful career with his talent as an artiste. Only people that are sure of making it in life without completing school or going to school should come out to boldly shout “school na scam” while the rest should please be serious with their studies.

As for students in tertiary institutions who have been affected by this mentality, they need to know the truth too. This mentality will make you develop a nonchalant attitude toward your studies, thereby leading to bad grades. Many students believe that they do not need the certificate but life will surprise many of them. Take for example, the case of two graduates who tried to use “connection” to get a good job at a firm. Their connection helped them but the third-class grade on their certificate totally ruined their chances of getting the job. Let’s do a throwback to when they were in school, they had that same mentality of “school na scam”, so they were not studious at all which is the obvious reason for their third-class grade. Also, they had lofty business ideas and never imagined that they will need to search for a job after graduation but in the end, life surprised them. Many graduates will realise their mistake of taking school for granted when it is already too late. Hopefully, it does not end in tears for them.

Do not develop the mentality of “school na scam” if you do not have a sure and better alternative because ending up on the street as a hungry dropout is not a favourable status for youths. So, be serious with your education and graduate with good grades because that might be your own way to success.



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    Funny enough most people that say that are actually doing well in school

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    For real

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    I don’t even trust people that say this

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    And we just had to face this issue

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    nemecies will catch up with them one day

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    School isn’t scam.
    It’s just a trending vice to deceive the gullible

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