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One major criticism of 6ix9ine involves his music – which many casual listeners find too abrasive. His debut single, Gummo, is only two and half minutes long, but it’s a harsh, in-your-face two and a half minutes. 6ix9ine’s vocals are guttural and menacing, and it’s tough to understand what he’s saying except for the 27 times he drops the n-word – yet another thing he’s often criticized for. His debut mixtape, Day69, was panned by most critics as a relentless auditory assault without melody, flow, or original lyrical content. 6ix9ine is meant to shock and bombard, and that’s definitely not for everyone.

#9: His Over-the-Top Appearance

In the age of Soundcloud, when anyone can post music and potentially make millions, you have to stand out from the pack. Enter 6ix9ine and his rainbow hair and teeth and face tattoos, which include a giant 69 plastered across his forehead. After he posted a photo of his look to Instagram, the internet memed him into the mainstream, and the rest is history. Now there’s nothing wrong with an unconventional appearance, but for the haters, 6ix9ine’s style is often deemed insincere, as less a personal statement and more a bid for attention. Which has definitely worked. So either way, well done, we suppose?

#8: He’s a Troll on Social Media

A big part of being famous today is relentless posting to social media. If you don’t upload a new video to Instagram every five minutes, do you really even exist? Of course, the main point of using social media that way is to get people to follow you and become invested in your life. Enter 6ix9ine’s Instagram account, which seems to confirm his attention-seeking personality. He jokingly fakes his own death for clicks. He badgers rappers and producers and perpetuates petty feuds. And just generally acts like a nuisance, which has resulted in his Instagram account being taken down on numerous occasions.

#7: Feuds with Other Rappers

As we’ve mentioned, anyone who follows 6ix9ine on social media knows that he’s no stranger to feuds. In fact, he arguably embraces them more than any other rapper today, making it part of his image. Infamously, he beefed with erstwhile collaborator Trippie Redd, who had distanced himself from Tekashi after learning the rainbow-haired rapper had been accused of pedophilia. He’s also relentlessly trolled the GloGang, including Tadoe over Tadoe’s treatment of then-girlfriend Cuban Doll, and Chief Keef – even filming himself getting intimate with Keef’s babymoma. Keef had been fired on earlier in the month in New York, with many media outlets speculating that Tekashi was involved. . . . That’s a LOT of drama.

#6: He’s (Allegedly) Fake

There’s no doubt that 6ix9ine had a rough upbringing. When he was 13, his father was murdered a block from his doorstep. Hernandez dropped out of school and started dealing marijuana and heroin. Nonetheless, the authenticity of his gangster persona has often been questioned. In court, he’s claimed that it’s really “just for shock value”, and in November 2018, his lawyer stated that 6ix9ine’s affiliation with the Bloods was just for promotional purposes. According to the haters, unlike rap stars whose successes allowed them to leave gang life behind, Tekashi69 has used music and fame as a way INTO gang life to bolster his career – sensationalizing gang culture on the way.

#5: His Shady Recordings

Recording your crimes is dumb enough, but posting them to social media takes it to the next level. 6ix9ine has done both – and we’ll go over that infamous sex video in its own entry. In November 2018, he was indicted for an armed robbery of rivals earlier in the year – which he’d apparently filmed from a nearby van. When the feds raided his apartment, they found a backpack stolen in the robbery – still sitting there months later. Federal prosecutors have obtained a warrant allowing them to look through 6ix9ine’s Instagram account, the contents of which they’ve called “quite voluminous.” Talk about self-sabotage.

#4: His Reaction to a Teen in a Houston Mall

Man, is 6ix9ine’s legal record on a roll. In July 2018, the rapper was arrested on an outstanding warrant that claimed he’d choked a 16-year old who’d been following and recording him at a Houston mall. Media outlets reported that the teen had been a “fan”; while rapper Ugly God, who was also present, claimed the teen had called Tekashi69 a “gay ice cream truck”. In the video, 6ix9ine can be seen grabbing the kid by the shirt. The alleged victim later uploaded pictures of horizontal red marks across his neck. Fans insisted it was much ado about nothing; haters slammed it as typical Tekashi69 shenanigans.

#3: His Behavior Towards Women

6ix9ine also has a reputation for disrespecting women. Following a brawl involving Tekashi outside LAX, rapper Acie High claimed in a video that 6ix9ine had been harassing his female friends, and “has a track record of bothering girls”. Tekashi has also been accused of domestic violence against Sara Molina, the mother of his child Saraiyah. In an incident from November 2018, her discovery of provocative texts on his phone from his girlfriend-to-be Jade allegedly resulted in a dispute in which the rapper struck Sara in the face, leaving her with a bruised lip.

#2: A Whole Host of Charges in 2018

The people who wish 6ix9ine would just go away might well get their wish. On November 18, 6ix9ine and his associates were arrested on racketeering and firearms charges, which included armed robbery and conspiracy to commit murder. US Attorney Michael Longyear asserted that the rapper “is a member of a violent sect of the Bloods” and that he “participated in multiple acts of violence.” Denied bail, he remained in custody, facing a sentence of between 32 years to life imprisonment, with a trial set for September 4, 2019. His attorney has claimed he’s innocent, but all those aforementioned recordings aren’t exactly doing him any favours.

#1: The Infamous 2015 Video

This is and always has been the most damning thing about the Brooklyn rapper. When 6ix9ine was 18, he attended a party in Harlem, where he participated in a sex video that he uploaded online – involving a girl who was just 13 years old. In the video, 6ix9ine can be seen with the girl naked in his lap, and slapping her behind while she performs oral sex on another man. 6ix9ine has claimed that he wasn’t aware of her age and never made direct sexual contact. In 2015 he avoided jail time with a plea deal, and was sentenced to community service and put on probation.



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