Remedy for covid-19


1. The virus is not a living thing, so it can’t be killed using antibiotics.

2. The virus is a fat molecule. It has a lipid membrane and cannot multiply if the membrane is broken. Soap and water are the best elements for dispersing the membrane and stopping the virus from mutating or maturing.

3. Hot water helps in breaking down fat molecules very fast and effectively. Utensils with fatty deposits are best cleaned using soap and hot or warm water. Hot or warm water and soap is your best defence against covid-19.

4. While sterilizers and sanitizers are good, they are less effective on the human body. They are good for solid surfaces; they compliment but can’t replace warm water and soap. African solar is good for keeping water warm.

5. There is empirical evidence to indicate that the virus can survive in air for about 3 hours. If you must go to a public place, maintain physical distance of not less than 1.5 meters. If that is not possible, wear an appropriate mask. This is very important for people travelling in matatus or visiting open air markets.

6.  Avoid drinking cold water and iced/frozen beverages. Sip warm water regularly, it will help clear your throat and push microbes down the esophagus. Covid-19 virus can’t survive in the stomach owing to acidity.

7. When in buildings, avoid lifts and use stairs as much as possible. While using stairs avoid touching the rails at all times.



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    So basically we so avoid cool drinks, wash our hands regular and use sanitazers as well

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