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Not minding how deep you love your wife or your husband, there are certain information you should never share with him or her.

I’m not saying that you should hide yourself or that you should not be faithful, truthful and committed in your marriage or relationship but these things, if kept as a secret will save you from trouble which may come in the form of break up or divorce.

Most times, we feel it is a responsibility for us to share every secrets with our partner but that’s wrong believe because it will do more harm to us than good and that is by causing unnecessary emotional challenge to our partner.

Below are the list of the secrets you should never share with your partner.

1) Don’t Tell your partner how you flirt with your colleagues in the office. The fact remains that we work in an environment where there are good and attractive looking peoples, most of which are our colleagues and those we meet at the restaurant where we went to have our breakfast or lunch. It’s impossible for you not to be attracted to someone maybe because of his or dressing or beautiful and handsome look.

Your partner can easily get offended for seeing you with someone else in the street laughing together not to talk of when you tell him or her how your partner bought food for you. Keep those secrets to yourself, act as if nothing happened, bury it where it can never be found by anyone either by mistake or not.

You may think it’s nothing, after all it is not infidelity but for them, it will not easily be forgotten.

So many things will run in your partner’s mind, is this how he cheats on me in his office, is this how he flirt with women after closing from work every day?

A whole lot of questions will go down her mind and this will affect the way she has been submissive, faithful, caring and truthful with you. To be on the safe side, keep the secrets to yourself.

2) Don’t tell your partner how opposite gender appreciated you in the street or in a public transport. I can remember how a lady has opened up to me in a BRT bus, that she likes me and she will want to be my girlfriend.

I know it took her a lot of courage to speak her mind, so I decided not to embarrass her, I plainly told her that not single. Now, telling my wife that such thing happened, it will take me a lot of efforts to convince her that I’m not the one that approached the lady first and if care is not taking, it will be a serious to us. Keep the secrets to yourself.

3) Don’t tell your partner how you have been communicating with your ex lover. Making it open simply means you are having fresh emotional feelings towards your ex lover, and this will definitely affect your relationship or marriage negatively. But in a situation where your ex lover is really not giving you chance, instead of you to cheat on your partner, you have to break the ice and save your marriage or relationship. Otherwise, keep the secrets to yourself.

4) Don’t tell your partner how you have assisted opposite gender financially. The impression it will create, will not be favourable to your union.

Imagine telling your wife how you had helped your old girlfriend with some money for feeding, for business or for a house rent? Is something she will have to think twice and ask you some questions before she can be convinced that you are not cheating on her, or that you don’t have another family somewhere else.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be of help to your female friends, but it must have a limit, and it should not be disclosed to your partner, otherwise you will be the one to destroy your marriage or relationship. Not everybody is comfortable with the idea of undiluted honesty.

5) Don’t tell your partner how good your ex lover is in bed. No matter how he or she used to ride you in bed while making love with each other, don’t discuss it with your present partner. The fact is that it will make your partner to look invaluable and unaccepted by you.

It will also make your partner to think that you don’t love and appreciate him or her just the way God created them. If you are not currently enjoying the bedroom activities, bring it in, as a suggestion on how to enjoy it than saying; this is how I used to do it with my ex lover, it’s heartbreaking.

6) Never you discuss the bad lifestyle of your parents with your partner. The fact remains that there are some things which can’t be hidden forever but in this situation, let him or to experience it by themselves. You can guide them about the things your parents dislike and what they like but exposing them will have negative impact on your relationship or marriage. The image you painted to your spouse regarding your parents are very much important on how he or she will be seeing your parents, also the level of respect she will be giving to them. Some things are better not said.

Don’t allow honesty to destroy what you have laboured for years to keep, but this doesn’t mean you should not be honest, faithful and committed to your partner.

What are your view on these? Do you disagree with the writer or not?



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