Recover Deleted Text Messages Easily : See How To

Recover Deleted Messages on Android (No Root)

As I said earlier, the deleted text messages are stored in a hidden folder of your phone memory, which can’t be accessed by regular file manager/explorer but after rooting your Android phone can an Android data recovery app gain access to the deleted messages. Therefore, although there are apps claiming that they can retrieve deleted text messages from Android without rooting, it is actually impossible to get back your deleted text messages without rooting.

How To Recover Deleted Text Messages On Android Phones.

Well, They’re various ways to recover your deleted Android text messages and I’ll be enlightening us these various steps section by section, so I enjoin you to read this article painstakingly to the end as I proceed.


Restore SMS from Android Using Android SMS Recovery

Without much ado, you can download the Android SMS Recovery free on your computer to start the free trial version first.

Step 1. Connect Android to Computer Using USB Cable

Download and install Android SMS Recovery. Connect your phone with a USB cable. Ensure your phone battery is not below 20% power before you connect the phone and the computer.

Note: For detailed operation to enable USB debugging, you are to check your phone model first. You’re adviced to choose the compatible one according to your phone detail.

Step 2. Choose Text to Scan

After enabling USB debugging, you can choose any data type according to what you want to do and scan. You are to then click on the option of “Messages” and then “Messages Attachment” if you have MMS on your Android and want the attachment in your Messages to be restored, And then click “Next” to allow the system scan your Android phone for deleted text messages.

Step 3. Allow Super Users Request

After that, a window will be displayed with the information “The software needs to get privilege to scan deleted files, please try as below:”. All you have to do is to Just click “allow” on your Android phone. If it fails, then you’re to click “Retry” till it respond.

Step 4. Recover Deleted Text Messages From Your Phone

Now, we’ve gotten to the last and important section to recover all our deleted text messages on our Android phone. Here, all your deleted text messages will be listed in several categories. All the deleted text messages will be displayed in red color. You can choose to view and read the text messages before restoring them with the “Recover” button on the lower right corner of the screen. Within few seconds, your deleted text messages will all be retrieved and saved on a section of your computer.

You can recover your deleted text messages on your android phone with ease by following the steps explained above. Apart from extracting SMS, Android SMS Recovery also allows you to recover both deleted contacts from Android device with ease.



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