It is not a hidden secret that girls favor dating tall or taller guys, if five(5) girls were asked to describe their dream man, it is almost certain that four(4) out of them would say they preferred to date taller guys.

There are still some percentage of girls that do not care about the guys height, so if you are a short guy, don’t despair because there is still hope for you. As a short guy you can choose to date a lady you are taller than if you are feeling insecure about your height.

Without much delay let’s get to know the reasons girls don’t like dating short guys.

Short Guys Makes The Girls Not To Wear Their High Heel Shoes.

We all know how girls love to wear their “heelly” shoes, especially to events and parties, but when they are dating a shorter guy, this becomes very uncomfortable to do. Sometimes the girls may decide not to wear heels because she doesn’t want to make the guy feel bad or awkward, other times the guy may tell the girls not to wear heels when they are going out together.

No matter how tall a girl may be she still want to put on those high heels to look classy and chic, it makes them feel good and confident about themselves, so many girls wouldn’t want to sacrifice the pleasures of wearing a high heel shoe on the alter of dating a short or shorter guy.

Most Girls Believe Short Guys Will Give Them Short Offspring.

Although this particular reasoning is not scientifically correct, most girls still have the believe that short guys equals short children. As we all know even a dwarf can end up having children that are well above average height.

Most girls know this believe is not all that correct but they still have that subconscious idea that if they eventually fall in love and marry a short guy they will end up giving birth to children who would be also short.

Most Short Guys are Insecure of their height, which may lead them to lack confident.

Most short guys are aware of the little downside about their height, even to the point that they may appear to be jealous of the tall guys, this attitude may rub off the wrong way on the girls that would prefer to date a more confident man.

Most short guys may become too self conscious about their height and may choose to take it out on the girls that are taller than them. Most tall girls have lots of stories to tell about how boys use to mock them back in school, well these acts was mostly done by boys that were short than them.

Most short guys don’t go for tall or taller girls.

In the society where it is the man that walks up to the women they fancy and try to woo them, most men prefer not to go for the ladies that are taller than them. A tall girl next to a short guy looks weird in the society and some people may even begin to talk behind their back (which is very childish) and so the short guys and tall girls chooses to safe themselves the embarrassment.

Simple things like putting his hands around her shoulder, kissing while standing and even helping her take things from the top shelf becomes very embarrassing for the both parties involved.

Most Girls Just Want A Taller Guy.

when you ask most girls why they prefer dating a tall guy, some will tell you most of the reasons stated above, while others may answer “I just want my man to be taller than me”.

For some reasons best known to them, dating a taller guy makes them feel more feminine. This sometimes have nothing to do with the short guys because some girls cannot logically explain why they prefer taller guys, it may be something biological, like taller guys may look stronger, more protective or attractive in their eyes. Whatever the reason may be some girls just want their partner to be taller than them.



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