Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos shunned by Liverpool’s Elliott


Rising star Harvey Elliott has been garnering praise for his performances on the field, but now Reds fans have another reason to sign his name.



The 2018 Champions League final will be remembered for a number of reasons. Real Madrid winning their 13th European Cup. Zinedine Zidane picking up his unprecedented third consecutive UCL title in just three seasons at the helm. Jürgen Klopp once again being a bridesmaid in a major final. Gareth Bale’s spectacular overhead kick. Loris Karius saying goodbye to his top class status. But for one Liverpool youngster, there was another moment that was embossed in his mind.

Elliott shuns Sergio for the Salah slam

Harvey Elliott has played his part in Liverpool’s unforgettable 2019/20 season. Prior to the coronavirus stoppage, The Reds were on track to break numerous records in the English top flight, some of those already in the bag.

Their blistering pace saw them accumulate win after win after win, with several pundits predicting them to finish the campaign not only unbeaten but with a 100% record. That wasn’t to be the case but with only five points dropped before the enforced break, and a points-per-game average of 2.83, their 25-point lead over nearest rivals Manchester City had them on the verge of their first title in three decades. All signs are that they will still claim the title soon, and Elliott’s cameo appearances, especially in the cups, have highlighted him as one for the very near future.



But it could have all been so different had Los Blancos had their way, reports James Pearce for The Athletic. They had ‘rolled out the red carpet’ for the talented Reds star as they gave him a tour of the Santiago Bernabéu and the Valdebebas training facility in the summer of 2019. And then came the chance to meet the Madrid legend who filled the number four shirt hanging up on the wall of the home changing room. The captain, Sergio Ramos would be pleased to meet with Elliott, normally the gesture that removes any lingering doubts from a desired new signing. It wasn’t to work this time.


“No, it’s OK, thanks,” came the reply from Elliott. “I don’t like him after what he did to Mo Salah.”


Just 12 months earlier in that Kiev final, Jürgen Klopp’s men had started the brighter. To many, they were the more competent, imposing side for the first half hour. Even die-hard Madrid fans struggle not to admit that a turning point in that game was when Liverpool’s talisman Mohamed Salah was taken off, injured after a fall with Ramos. And that was reason enough for Elliott to refuse their advances.

In a War, it is always important to have all the weapons with you to win it. Despite of having Guns, Bombs, Tanks, fighter jets etc. your body is also a weapon for you. And at that time what Ramos did was he just used his weapon to turn the enemy down. If you call it unfair so you can’t because you have the Refree to make the right decisions. Also Salah was not his relative or a neighbor that he should’ve shown mercy to him. Playing for the title is just like fighting for Freedom. Ramos was right. If you don’t have a refree then every foul is a cheat. On the other hand, I wouldn’t say that ELLIOT is wrong either because his reaction is quite a natural one as when you hit the Target it hurts the enemy and enemy shows a painful reaction that’s the case with ELLIOT. So I don’t think any of them is wrong.



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