There is a reason why award winning actors are masters of non verbal communication. (By the way, non-verbal communication is not just our body language and mimics, but even the smells and the objects we surround ourselves with) They understand the psychology behind any body language communication which makes them masters in their art. But reading and understanding body languages are important for other set of people in different walks of life that is why I have compiled some little things that help us to influence other people without words.

Check out 9 Psychological Tricks to Help You Get the Upper Hand in Any Situation below:

1. To win someone over, check the eye color of the other person.

This will help you to establish a good connection with a person you don’t know. The time you need to see the color of their eyes is exactly the time you need to make good eye contact and that should take from 3 to 5 seconds. If you don’t look into their eyes at all, or spend more than 9 seconds looking, they might feel uncomfortable.

Also, smile with your eyes while looking at their nose bridge. This is the center of the social contact area. If you look lower than the nose, it may be taken as an intrusion into their private space, and if you look higher — as an attempt to pressure.

2. Don’t start a conversation with a new person right away — give them some time.

After you’ve established eye contact, don’t start the conversation right away. Always be confident in your self and take your time to make yourself comfortable, you can take a few seconds to hang your coat, open your bag,or balance well on your chair. This will give the person a few extra seconds to figure out their first impression of you. And during the conversation, they won’t lose focus while noticing new things about you, because they’ve already had enough time to have a good look at you.

3. Touching the stem of a glass or playing with something can indicate attraction

If a girl wants to show to a guy that she’s interested in him, she just needs to touch the stem of her glass. The same will work with a pen, or even a ring she can play with on her finger, or sometimes tilt her head sidewards,play with her hair. Basically she tries to do something unconsciously that pass her across as cute. This is because you’ve helped release some feel good hormones in her body.

4. The “OK” gesture helps to show authority without any aggression.

If you need to gain the attention of an audience, but you don’t want to be too aggressive, here’s a little trick. Imagine that you are holding a needle between your thumb and your pointer finger as if you are making the “OK” gesture. During the conversation, try to show the needle to other people. This way, the gestures will appear natural, but you will also draw people’s attention to the important points.

5. If you are talking and it gets noisy keep moving your mouth.

There are times when you will need to address a group of people and sometimes it gets noisy with people discussing their opinions in the background,just keep talking even if you’re not saying anything it will call back their attention and they will become silent to hear what you are saying.

7. If someone says unpleasant things to you, stare at their forehead.

In order to avoid talking to a toxic person that wants to tell you that they don’t think your new haircut looks good, just stare at their forehead. This look shows power. Even if you don’t feel confident, this simple life hack will help you get the upper hand quickly.

8. In order to take a break during a conversation, do a mechanical gesture.

If you were asked to make a decision, and you need some time to think, start cleaning your glasses. This gesture looks mechanical and the person will most likely decide that you are thinking about the answer and they will wait for it patiently. If you don’t wear glasses, any other regular gesture will do, for example, you can check a button on your shirt or an earring.

9. Stay on the left side if you want to be a leader.

Scientists found this interesting phenomenon when they were analyzing the PR campaigns of presidential candidates. They noticed that the candidates who were on the left of the photographer (so they ended up on the right side of the photo), made a stronger impression on viewers. Of course, this rule is only true with other things being equal: if someone dominates thanks to their body position or charisma, the position relative to the photographer won’t help.

Do you know there was no number 6 in the article? If you didn’t notice, psychology says you will want to check to confirm but you might also not want to check again because you want to prove me wrong.



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