Powerful prayer points


Prayer is a communication to God.  Prayer is done by those who trust the power of word and thought. Jesus taught people to say the Lord’s PrayerPrayer can be spoken, silent (no talking), or in a song. It can be used to praise God or to ask for something including help and forgiveness.


The short answer to this question is, “Yes!” God has promised that, when we ask for things that are in accordance with His will for our lives, He will give us what we ask for.

14 powerful prayer points

1). I thank you Lord, for your kindness, protection and mercy in my life and over my family.

2). Oh God, let your Angels of protection guide me this night from every evil plans of the devil in Jesus name.

3). Heavenly Father, let every satanic nightmare or evil dreams this night be destroyed in Jesus name.

4) Oh Lord, I destroy anything that is going to bring pains and sorrows to me and my family after this night in Jesus name.

5) Father, I destroy every evil movements of the witches and wizards against me and my family members by fire in Jesus name.

6) Oh God, I pray that whoever and whatsoever that is claiming to be king over my life this night except the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords shall receive the fire of the Most High in Jesus name.

7) With the Authority given to me by the Most High, I destroy every activity of the witches and wizards in my house this night in Jesus name.

8) I cover my territory from every evil growling spiritual dogs that move around cities at night, with the Blood of Jesus in Jesus name.

9). Oh God, from this night onward, I pray may you release Your abundant blessings for me and my family in Jesus name.

10). Heavenly Father, I rebuke every spirit of fear associated with this night in Jesus name.

11). Heavenly Father, I decree that I shall be dreaming dreams of Victory and Greatness every night on my bed in Jesus name.

12). Father, I pray that your Angels of protection guard and watch over this house and that of my family this night in Jesus name.

13). Oh Lord, let anyone who is suffering from sickness in this family this night wake up healthy in the morning in Jesus name.

14). We pray that Jesus Christ abide with us tonight in our home in Jesus name.



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    Every. Life needs prayer, as it a means we communicate with God

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    Prayers are very essential

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