Once You Notice These Signs In A Child; Know They Are Gifted And Help Them Nurture Their Talents

It is true that every child is created by the God but they are all blessed with different gifts. When a child is growing, it is the responsibility of the parents or teachers to identify the child’s gift and give her the necessary guidance.

But the question is, how many parents can be able to identify a gifted child and what makes them believe the child is gifted? The truth is that, it is not all parents that can identify the signs of extra smart kids from their early age.

It is very important for our parents to be very conversant with the signs of giftedness at early age, even before the child starts school.

If you as a parent rely on the school teachers, they might identify it very late or not at all. This is because, many schools do not start identifying kids for gifted programs until the second or third grade. It will now push some parents of the gifted children to look for private testing before that time.

Therefore, there are basic signs of a gifted and smart child which the parents should be very observant to always check them on their child.

7 signs that shows your child is gifted and smarter than average:

1. Always curious:

Being inquisitive in almost everything is one of the hallmark of a gifted child. They always likes to know everything that is happening and why they are happening.

The parents of an inquisitive child never rest as they will be bombarding you with questions. For a child to show curiosity indicates they’re eager to learn more and even better.

2. Early reading skills:

It is normally difficult to see a child who can read very well at a young age. Some children even finds it very hard to read up to their secondary education period. Children with this quality are very rare to see.

Therefore, for a child to know how to read at a young age indicates how gifted they are and always concentrate when they being taught in school or home.

3. They have the look:

When last have you caught your child staring at someone with seriousness? They are good observers of the happenings around them. They always pay attention to people or events as if their life depends on it.

4. They likes talking with adults:

This kind of smart children are normally called little adults because they speak maturely even though they are too young.

They prefer discussing with adults than their fellow kids. This is so because, they believe they can only know things they never knew from the adults than their fellow kids.

5. Gift of sense of humor:

A young smart child can also have the gift of making people laugh and feel happy. They are simply good jokers. Their attitudes or behaviors would make you laugh and they will do as if nothing is happening.

6. They are good singers and love music:

There are some gifted kids that when they are singing, you will think that a missing Angel is in your presence.

In addition to that, they enjoys listening to music and singing along with the music. According to researchers, it is believed that kids benefit academically when they receive a music education. So enroll them in one when you noticed this. Let them be exposed to music at young age because musical training developes the brain and makes them to be creative.

7. They are blessed with an excellent memory:

Smart children with excellent memories have the ability to learn and understand things more faster than you could ever imagine. Their brain also have retentive memory that can retain new information both at home or in school. They are fast thinkers but also better liars.

Please parents, once you observe these signs from your kid, know that they are special gifted, therefore assist them develop their talents and make it in their lives.

Also know that all children are blessings from God and all gifted in their own ways. So train them as well.

God bless our children!

Please comment your opinion or observations on this.



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