Nigeria giant of Africa

When Nigeria sneezes, the whole continent catches cold”. This statement is not a hyperbole as Nigeria has proven over the years with her lead role in several diplomatic missions affecting West Africa and Africa as a whole. Any war with Nigeria will plunge the whole region into crises and cause problems whose deleterious effects will radiate across every nation of the world.

Nigeria is a consumer nation and also the most populated country in Africa and serves as a huge market to the most industrialised nations such as China and the USA. A war with Nigeria will result in these industrialised nations losing a valuable part of their market, a situation which they are sure to violently resist.

2. Nigeria’s Military Might: The Nigerian military have consistently showed that they are more than capable of defending our territorial integrity from any foe no matter how powerful.

Apart from this, the Nigerian government has been able to successfully enforce peace and stability in several African countries by sending its military to participate in peace keeping operations. The Nigerian military are battle hardened and have garnered a lot of experience from carrying out these foreign missions.

In terms of military hardware, the Nigerian military has shown that they are capable of locally producing spare parts for some of their military aircrafts and other ground vehicles. To further state the increasing efficiency of the Nigerian military, a missile test was conducted several months ago.

We are moving forward in terms of technological advancement in the military. The Nigerian airforce and navy have grown rapidly over the past few years and can comfortably best most rival countries militarily. No Country will like to go to war with Nigeria because if they do, the Nigerian military will inflict very heavy losses on them.

3. Nigeria’s Allies: As a regional power, Nigeria has many friends who either want to benefit from our successful and overreaching regional influence or from our protection and goodwill. There is hardly any nation in Africa who do not not pass as our allies.

With regards to powerful nations around the world, China enjoys huge patronage from us in terms of consumer goods and electronics; the USA sells military aircrafts to us and serves as a choice destination for rich folks among us; Israel and Saudi Arabia gains a lot of revenue from our religious faithfuls who troop there every year for pilgrimage; Russia, Belarus, Italy, Germany, the UK, Cyprus and the Caribbean serve as choice destination for our brightest minds who are financially capable of studying abroad.

These are just few of the goodwill these nations enjoy from keeping Nigeria as a valuable ally. Any country that choses to escalate conflicts with Nigeria will suffer serious segregation and diplomatic backlash from all our friends and allies.

In the world today, unfolding events have shown that being a powerful nation does not just involve being economically sound. A country must also have military might to protect their territorial integrity or to formulate and enforce regional or global policies and also have reliable allies who are powerful.

Nigeria has done well to stamp their dominance in Africa as a regional power and available projections show that we are on course to emerging as a world power both economically and militarily and these form the major reasons why no country will want to go to war with Nigeria no matter what.

At the end of the day, every issue would have to be settled on the diplomatic table and Nigeria will often have a good chance to gain an upper hand in these negotiations especially if it involves countries from Africa.



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    Nigeria 🇳🇬 all the way

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