Men dressing code

like what the hell is that? I see so many guys wearing this everytime which they think is stylish,but its absolutely not.alright imagine if a guy wears socks on pams to woo a girl,do you think she would even stop to hear what he has to say? that’s obviously a NO.

so i recommend you stop wearing socks with slides.you can only wear this when the weather is cold.

2.Trousers too long.

like,this one is very common.guys,you need to pay attention to that small detail,that alone can ruin your whole outfit.this is sad because alot of guy still do this.

so i recommend you get yourself a personal tailor to make sure your trousers fits you perfectly or better still, you can fold them up.

now,I’m not saying it should be too short,it should just be immediately at the top of your shoe.

3.T-shirt arm too wide.

some guys don’t know about this but this is actually like the most common mistake almost every guy makes.

wearing T-shirts with wide arm makes you look like you have smaller muscle and also less attractive.so i recommend you wear T-shirts that has tight arm,this would make your chest and muscles pop out which makes you look more masculine and attractive.trust me,girls loves this.

4.wearing baggy pants(trousers).

i mean,this is 2020 for crying out loud,some guys still wear baggy jeans like they are still in the 90s or like a dad that doesn’t dress stylish anymore.but you are still a young fresh dude that still has a long way to go.

so,i recommend you slim fit all those your baggy jeans or buy a trouser that fits you perfectly.

5.wearing a fat tie.

you can see the difference in the image above see how his style transformed because of that small detail.many guys still do this maybe when they are going to church or some other place.so wearing fat ties is not just the right fit.

i recommend you start wearing slim ties and throw away all those your fat ties,lol.you would thank me later.

6.baggy shirts.

please guys stop wearing this,it sucks.and wearing something like this is just not the best option.because it make your chest flat and makes you look feeble(weak).

so start wearing fitted shirts.

7.saggy pants(trousers).

you must have probably heard that sagging was originated from prisoners that has no belt.and many guy still sags.you might think its fashion but showing everyone the colour of your boxers is not fashion.and yes,girls hates it.

I would advise you to wear belts and just stop sagging.its bad.

8.Dressing without accessories.

well,i was once a victim of this one.then,i would just go out without wearing watches or any accessories till i saw one of my friend wearing wrist bands and how it fitted him,ever since,I started wearing accessories.if you look at rich men, you can never see one without a watch.

so i personally recommend you start wearing accessories and most especially watches,it would elevate your style and also it would make you look like a guy that values his time.

i hope this article was helpful,if yes,leave a like and drop your comment about this.also follow me if you want to see more interesting contents like this.

here are some pictures of stylish guys to look at



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