Meet phyno mum who is so beautiful

Check Out Phyno’s Mom, The Beautiful Woman Who Sold Roasted Corn By The Roadside To Raise Him Up


When we talk about music in Nigeria and it’s indigenous rappers, Phyno is every name that the Igbo tribe use to represent themselves in the industry, he is crowned the king of rap in the east.

Phyno’s real name is Azubuike Chibuzo Nelson, but mostly people know him by his stage name, Phyno. He was born on the 9th of October 1986 in Enugu State. He is a talented singer, rapper, and a record producer in Nigeria. Phyno started his career early even when he was in secondary school but the country got to start hearing his name in 2013, he mostly sing in his Igbo dialect.


According to Phyno, his name was derived from the word ‘Phenominal’ and it was his high school friend who is Emeka by name that gave him the nickname he is bearing today. Phyno mentioned that he never thought he will end up as a rapper in life, he always wanted to be a pilot in life but people also told him he could be a doctor too, well destiny finally decided for him and he’s now living the best life.


Phyno studied in the Institute of management and technology in Enugu state, he also continued his career in music then but never knew it would be his life career.

Later in 2014, he released an album tilted ‘No Guts No Glory’ and it got a massive stream online which also made him more popular. The song ‘Mam of the year’ and ‘pacel’ were some of the best selling tracks in the album.

Phyno’s life, family and relationship is one thing you will hardly see on the internet as the talented and successful rapper likes to keep his life private.

However, that couldn’t stop him from flaunting the woman who was there when he needed every support, his beautiful mother. His father didn’t actually approve of his career when he finally decided to take music as his career but his mother was always there to support him, she sold roasted corn by the roadside to support him and even support his recording time payments in studio.

Phyno also mentioned that his mother was a corn seller in one of his hit tracks titled Chibuzor.

Meanwhile, Phyno now lives in Lagos. The main reason he moved to Lagos was to pursue a better career in music.

Phyno’s mother Mrs. Azubuike, Much details about her is not public. However, Phyno has shared a picture of himself and his mother.

See photos of his beautiful mother below.


(Phyno’s mother and his brother pictured with him above).

Phyno is having a good life now but he didn’t just stay for the life to meet him, he hustled and worked hard to be where he is. He didn’t come from a millionaire family but a millionaire family will come from him. He told his life story in one of his track which featured runtown titled ‘God’s willing’. God has really blessed him in life, from the son of corn seller to a millionaire.

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