Magic tricks revealed

1: Turning Coffee into coins : David blane was the one who performed the magic. He took two plastic coffee cups, cuts one in half and fills it with coins and he made a tiny holes in the bottom of the big cup, put a sponge inside and he then places the cup of coins on it all he needs to do is space his fingers inside the hole. The small cup will go up revealing the coins and the coffee will be absorbed by the sponge.

2: The magic sword :James More was the one who the trick. The magician has a special construction underneath his cloth when he falls on the sharp sword it tips hides and he will balance. on his chest is a mechanism that pushes a fake sword out. This will make it look real.

3: Pulling cards out of thin air. : The magician uses a special card holder and he will out it at the back of his hand with a dexterous movement immediately he pulls card out of the thin air, well most magicians can do tbis without a device, but they have to master it very well..

4: Bullet Catch This is not an easy one because it requires a lot of preparation, the magician exchanged the bullet signed by an audience with a wax one loading duplicates into the gun so that immediately when the gun fired the wax will melt the bullet.

5: Balloon Swallowing : The magician creates a tiny hole at the top of the balloon he puts a balloon in his mouth and presses it against his tongue so the air will released this create the illusion that the magician is eating the balloon, but he needs to be fast after he inflates the balloon.

6: Run over by a truck : The laws of physics should be applied here, how can a real truck run over a magician and it won’t harm him? The trick is a set of counterweight on the far side of the truck (the audience must not see it) the weight will shift the balance of the truck allowing the wheels on the lighter side to run over the magician .

7: Cut and restore rope : A cut rope was magically fixed back how come? He has a short piece of rope concealed in his hand he cut that instead of the main rope and very quickly he pulled out the short rope up and everyone though he restored the rope.

8: Mind reading :.

Step 1 – Choose any number from your mind

Step 2 – add 6

Step 3: Subtract by the first number your choose your final answer must always be 6.

9: lifting object : You need a very thin rubber band and a pencil to hide in your sleeve, depend on the object you are lifting. Fix the support that no one can see it, then you are food to go.

10: Water suspended in Mid-air : The magician took a glass of water places a piece if cardboard on the glass and then turn the glass upside down the cardboard holds the water because of the space in the glass but why doesn’t the water pour out when the magician takes away the board? On the bottom of the glass there is a small hole that allows that allows the space and it holds or released the water.

Bonus : Invisible man

These pictures has gone viral but let me tell you it is only an illusion created by Zack king with a camera and a television monitor placed on his chest when he walks about people were surprised to see through his chest on what is happening.

Which of them can you do?



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    This is really impressive

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