Lucrative business you can start in Nigeria

Lucrative business you can start in Nigeria

poultry farming

This is one among the simplest business that’s yielding great in Nigeria, tons of individuals who have a venture of this business early is basically making it huge today.

Poultry farming is extremely lucrative, even some foreigners are coming to Nigeria to take a position in poultry farming. Poultry farm of two ,000 chickens can yield you more #7 million monthly and #70 million annual.

The good thing is that you simply can start making money from poultry farming within 4-5 months, unlike other businesses that take such a lot time to start out making money.

With #500,000 you’ll start poultry farming in Nigerian if you’ve got land. But if aren’t a yet a landlord you’ll easily rent land and begin your farming easily.

fruit crush Business

Fruit juice business is making it success currently in Nigeria. Permit me to mention fruit crush production business is of the foremost lucrative business currently in Nigeria.

We have some companies who started small and now their names are everywhere.

There is tons of advantages , fruits are always helpful for health. many of us already know the worth of fruit and need to possess them daily, but the time to shop for them and extract them is what they don’t have or don’t know off, this is often where you are available .

You can make a search by visiting the lab with up to 3 sorts of fruits and determine how they’re useful to human health.

Combine this three sorts of fruits and use them in making fruit crush .

Soon as people know its health value and its quality they’re going to start patronizing you constantly and even recommend your brand.

Examples of fruit crush in Nigeria are Chivita premium, Hollandia yogurt, chi hour , Capri-sonne, chi-exotic and far more.

Nigeria is one among the foremost fruit crush consumers. Starting this business required an honest amount of start-up capital, but it worth venturing into if you’ve got the cash .

Catfish Farming

Cat Fish farming is profitable if you apply good management skill.

Catfish business is growing huge in Nigeria and tons of individuals are already making millions from it. This business is lucrative if you’ve got the experience and therefore the capital to start out it.

Catfish farming takes just 4months to start out making money from it. Catfish features a very high consumption rate and demand in Nigeria, it one among the celebrity fish known in Nigeria. In some beer parlor, a plate of catfish Peper soup is #1,500 to #2,000. If you’ve got an area to start out this business and it capital it really worth considering.

You can start this business with average range of 200,0000 – 500,000 Naira. Note that fish farming business required good management, in other to succeed.

Printing Design Business

Printing Design business is another profitable and money making business, which involves ; ( e.g flex banner for a billboard , invitation cards, calendars, books, event programs newspapers, stickers, posters, vehicle wrappers, screen printing e.t.c )

This business is extremely lucrative because the demand for printing service is extremely high in Nigeria.

Currently this business is capable of creating #150,000 – #200,000 Naira daily after removing expenses, this business is extremely lucrative and other people are fighting to urge into it, but currently, it not that common thanks to the large start-up capital involved, it obvious that this business knew no location.

It doesn’t matter what location it’s , contracts will always keep checking out you. the typical start-up capital for this business is 6-7 Million Naira.

If you’ve got an honest start-up capital you’ll check out an outsized printing concern

Cocoa Business

Cocoa business is seriously making some people millionaires in Nigeria while many of us don’t still realize it.

There are many companies buying cocoa in Nigeria. About two companies buying cocoa are in Ibadan expressway Lagos.

This company uses the cocoa for production of nestle, bournvita and a few other chocolate stuff we consume daily.




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