List of states that rejected FG’s order over lifting of ban on religious centers

Contrary to the pleasant expectation ushered in with the ban lift on religious centres nationwide, the hope of worshippers in some states will be blighted as some governors restrained the ban previously imposed due to Covid-19.

From Tuesday, June 2, the nationwide curfew earlier put at 8pm to 6am will be reduce from 10pm to 4am.

According to  a tweet from Bashir Ahmad, special assistance on news media to prespresident Buhari, the presidential task force on covid-19 gave the directive on Monday.

The federal government had forced a prohibition on party and open love as parts of the concentrated efforts diverted towards curbing the spread of the pandemic across states.

Be that as it may, following the submission of the presidential task force, government at the focal declared the relaxation on the restriction on religious gatherings in the nation successful from Monday, June 1.

Interestingly, Presidencial task force said the choice was reached dependent on the guidelines and protocols settled upon by state governments in lines with the protocols of Nigeria centre for dieases Control.

In an ensuing exertion, some state governments including Lagos have declared that religious places in the nation despite everything stay carefully guarded as the pandemic took a peril filled swipe at 35 states.

Nigeria by and by has 10,819 cases with great 3,239 recuperations and 314 death.

In the interim, we feature expresses that dismissed FG’s requests over the lifting of prohibition on religious focuses.

1. Lagos

Unarguably Lagos is the focal point in Nigeria, Lagos has 5,277 cases and has recorded 67 passings, representing an extraordinary test that precluded the chance of reviving mosques and places of worship in the express at any point in the near future.

Quickly national government lifted the restriction on religious focuses, Lagos magistrate of home undertakings, Anofiu Elegushi, said the state will keep up the norm according to the reviving of holy places and mosques.

2. Kwara state

Standing on the fifteenth spot with 111 cases, Kwara is one of the north-focal states hit by the pandemic.

The state has additionally tidied off the chance of reviving holy places and mosques.

Kwara chief of wellbeing, Raji AbdulRazaq, expressed that albeit a focal request has instructed the reviving, it is left to the state authorities with the tact to execute it.

3. Osun state 

Osun state government, responding to the reviving of the religious habitats, said the state will connect with the religious chiefs to talk about the modalities for the reviving

4. Kaduna state 

With 297 cases, Kaduna state sits seventh on the rundown of 35 states influenced by the pandemic.

Because of the government’s Monday revelation, Kaduna government reported that it has not revived markets or places of love.

The declaration was made in an announcement marked by the media assistant to Governor Nasir El-Rufai, Muyiwa Adekeye, on Tuesday, June 2.

The announcement noticed that the Kaduna state government has just begun commitment with partners in the state on the issue.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian government has given a guideline place of worship must meet before being permitted to operate in the reopening of religious centres.

The PTF on Covid-19 said the guidelines are part of measures to check the spread of the virus

The federal government said those with health conditions such as diabetes, cancer, HIV, among others are to stay at home and worship



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