Latest 2020 Best Android Cases

This article will give an accurate details of the best Android cases in 2020.

2020 Best Android Cases

• Best for Google Pixel 3: Spigen Rugged Armor

The Rugged Armor line from Spigen is one of the best thin cases we’ve found for any flagship phone. The option for Pixel 3 makes our list because it looks particularly good on Google’s latest smartphone.

The flexible TPU shell bends to accommodate the phone for easy installation, and the inside is also texturized for a superior grip on your device.

The whole package is supported by military-grade AirCushion technology, which means that there’s plenty of drop and shock protection for your device, and because there is a raised lip on the front, you should be mostly protected in the event of a face-first drop.

There are tactile buttons on the outside for easy operation of the volume controls, and the case has been designed with the right amount of give to work with Google’s innovative squeeze technology.

• Best for Google Pixel 3 XL: Caseology Vault Series Case

The Caseology Vault series of cases sits right in the middle of Caseology’s offering it isn’t as rugged as their bulkiest case, but it still provides a solid level of protection. That grip is provided by a light texture impressed on the back of the case that has almost the feel of leather.

The flexible TPU shell provides a moderate level of shock protection, so you’ll be covered for short drops, but they’ve added a bit more cushioning on the corners to be a little more rugged.

Even though this shell is on the thicker side, it allows for both wireless charging pass-through and the squeeze functionality built into Google phones. Plus, this phone garnered first place in the Good Design awards and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

• Best for Google Pixel 2: Maxboost Wallet Case

This Maxboost folio style wallet case houses the new (and unfathomably sleek) Pixel 2 in classy faux leather while also giving you plenty of room to carry cards and cash. The case is made of PU leather that is both great looking and high quality, and it provides ample protection on the front, back and corners of your phone.

The case clasps shut magnetically, so you won’t be fumbling with awkward snaps and buttons. Inside the case there are three card slots for IDs and credit cards, and there’s additional storage on the outside for cash or more cards.

They’ve added in precise cutouts for the speakers and buttons, so the case won’t get in the way, and they’ve even worked in some grooved slots so that the case doubles as a horizontal stand for hands-free viewing.

• Best for Google Pixel 2 XL: Trianium Clarium Series Case

The Clarium series of cases from Trianium strikes a killer balance between beautiful, stark clear looks and unbeatable shock protection.

This particular one is great because it shows off the Google Pixel 2 XL’s looks, which have been scoring major points for the phone in the tech industry (some critics are even touting it as better looking than its smaller brother, the standard Pixel 2).

They combine shock-absorbing TPU material for the covering, with an additional, rigid plastic backplate shell that is basically clear as glass, so you can see through to the phone on the back. At only 0.6 ounces, the thing is feather light, and they’ve designed it with an ultra-slim profile, so it doesn’t add unnecessary bulk to the phone.

They’ve also molded it to fit the phone with precise cutouts for all the ports, buttons and speakers, and it fits so well that you might even forget that there’s a case on your phone.

• Best for Samsung Galaxy S9: Anyos Slim Fit Case

The Galaxy S line of phones from Samsung are some of the most beautiful devices out there right now, even when compared to the current flagship iPhones. That is owed, in part, to the curved display that bends the bezels around the back of the phone, giving the S9 a futuristic look. But this presents an interesting challenge when it comes to cases.

This option from Anyos is super thin and really lets the infinite display shine. The ultra-thin PC case locks onto the back of your S9 like a hard shell, without a lot of give, and Anyos has buffed the outside a bit to give it a nice, matte texture that makes it easy to solidly hold in your hand.

They’ve cut out holes to allow for all of your charging and headphone inputs, as well as to control the phone with external buttons and to accommodate the camera unit.

And, because the case is available in five different colors gold, blue, pink, black and red you can get a case that fits your particular style, no matter what color S9 you have.

• Best for Samsung Galaxy Note9: Samsung Galaxy Note9 Case

With a phone as large and full-featured as the Galaxy Note9, your best bet is probably to go with a first-party, official case directly from Samsung. While most first-party cases tend to be overpriced, this ultra-rugged case comes in at right around $25.

It features a ridged, rugged design that has been drop-tested to military grade standards, compliant to MIL-STD 810G.

Those ridges also add a bit of grip to the outside, meaning it won’t slip out of your hand so easily (that’s an especially important feature because the Note9 is such a large phone that you might not be able to wrap your fingers fully around it).

• Best for Samsung Galaxy S8: OtterBox Commuter Series

This OtterBox Commuter Series case was specifically designed for the Galaxy S8.
We’ve liked the OtterBox brand for quite some time, as it specifically is built with the highest level of protection in mind. Yes, it’s usually a little pricier, but your phone is an incredibly expensive computer that fits in your hand, so it’s worth a few extra bucks.

The OtterBox Commuter for the Galaxy S8 has a slim design, so the phone can still fit in your pocket and it has dual-layer protection with a soft inner layer and a solid outer layer. The phone’s ports are covered to prevent dirt and dust from getting in.

• Best for Samsung Galaxy Note8: Spigen Tough Armor Case

The Spigen Tough Armor case is more than sufficient to protect your brand new Galaxy Note8, which you probably already hoped to treat like a newborn baby. The case is made with military-grade, dual-layer protection with a TPU body and a polycarbonate back.

The dimensions are 3.1 x 6.6 x 0.5 inches, so it won’t add a ton of extra bulk to the already sizeable handset. They’ve also included a reinforced kickstand that folds flush against the case structure to allow for hands-free viewing without it taking up space when it’s put away.

• Best for LG V40 ThinQ: OtterBox Defender Series

OtterBox is a brand that has long commanded respect for its durability, ruggedness, and the level of protection it provides. While this Defender series case isn’t thin by any measure, it’s a far cry from the boxy OtterBox cases of a few years ago.

It’s constructed of a solid inner shell and soft, rubbery outer material which protects the device itself, prevents damage from drops, and provides a nice tactile feel when you’re holding the phone.

The cutout on the back that accommodates the three-camera system and the added thickness protects these cameras well.

• Best for LG G7 ThinQ: DUX DUCIS Layered Folio Case

The LG G7 is one of the sleekest flagships out there, with an objectively beautiful display, and a nearly bezel-less design. If you’re in the market for a wallet-style phone, you might not like the bulkiness many of these cases add to such a thin phone.

This super-thin flip folio case from DUX DUCIS gives you the functionality and safety of a wallet case without as much bulkiness. It’s made of synthetic PU leather with a soft lining to ensure the device itself doesn’t scratch. It’s also layered with TPU silicon for an added bit of padding and flexibility.

There’s a magnetic clasp that offers a satisfying snap when you flip the cover closed, and there are slots on the inside of the case to allow you to position the screen standing up at different viewing angles. There are cutouts for all the control functions and slats that allow clearance for the speakers, which are another great feature of this phone.

• Best for LG Stylo 4: Zizo Bolt Case
The Bolt Series carries the tagline:

“Built For Adventure”, and one look at the industrial, resilient design and you’ll see why. It’s constructed with a durable, rigid PC design alongside a flexible, rubbery TPU layer.

This affords military-grade drop protection from up to 12 feet an important level of sturdiness if you really are taking this phone along with you on adventures. If that protection level isn’t enough, Zizo also throws in a curved 0.33mm 9H hardness tempered glass screen protector to give you protection on the front. On top of that, the phone includes an integrated kickstand and a holster clip.

• Best for LG V30: Spigen Liquid Crystal Case for LG V30

Objectively, the LG V30 is a gorgeous phone, so picking a case that covers that up just won’t do. The Spigen Liquid Crystal Case is the sleekest, most invisible case you can get. The company has put effort into making sure the case is truly clear (hence the “Crystal Clear” color name), so that the V30 handset shows through brilliantly.

The super-slim profile doesn’t offer the same kind of shock protection as a bulkier case, but the TPU material and air cushion design protect against scratches and minor falls all around.



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