LASER:Definition and Application

Definition of laser

In my opinion, the laser technology comes from focusing photons of lights on a single spot and such approach makes it more powerful than a beam of light. In addition, I heard many times that it is dangerous to point out a laser dot in someone’s eye.

Furthermore, as we learned about LEDs and that recently blue LED got invented, now that I think about it, I assume I have never seen a blue laser, although I’ve seen red laser and in few cases green laser. Therefore, I assume lasers and LEDs must have a very similar structure for that reason.

red ones, since, red light laser devices are much more and cheaper comparing to green ones.

Applications of laser

Laser technology have various application fields, but in most cases it is in the field of science, one may observe laser technology applications and devices. In the following ways of the applications of such technology as far as I encountered, observed, used, or read about:

  • Computer devices such as laser mouse, laser presentation, CD ROMs and DVD ROMs
  • Astronomy and communication applications
  • Medicine, surgery, and health
  • War machines, guns and tanks
  • Cutting matters in metallurgy industry and related industries
  • Robotics, especially in image processing and calculating distances
  • Toys

A brief detail of the applications

Computer devices

In computer industry there are several devices which I encountered that they were using laser technology to function. The reason for selecting such technology were three main reasons. First, the reason was to show a laser light and show a certain spot in places, such as presentations. Second, the reason was to use this technology as a method to navigate through surfaces to understand movement, for instance, laser mouses. Third, the reason was to emit a laser light and by receiving that certain laser understand the data, for instance CD ROMs and DVD ROMs that they emit a laser beam and it hit the surface of a CD or a DVD then it reflects to a receiver looking like an eye and it determines if the data was 0 or 1.

Astronomy and communication applications

In astronomy field, I’ve seen a documentary that briefly described the application of communicating satellites with each other using lasers. My assumptions is that they use binary to communicate with each other. By sending bits of data for instance 0 and 1. (additional question: how satellites use lasers to communicate with each other.

Medicine, surgery, and health

In health related topics, lasers had great impact. By using lasers scientists and doctors are able to point out to cancer cells to destroy them and sometimes they do not need to cut the patient’s body in order to apply their surgery in cases that cutting may create other disease and in some parts may not even be possible. (additional question: how scientists may use lasers to go through humans tissues and work with an inner organ.

War machines, guns and tanks

There are guns that by using laser beams it will fully show the place of bullet in the target’s object. And laser more heavy machinery may use laser as a weapon to create a devastatingly strong armor. (additional question: how is it possible to create such strong laser beam to use it as a weapon to destroy heavy machinery.

Metallurgy industry

To shape, and cut strong matters sometimes in related fields they use laser.


In robots you may also encounter the applications of laser. Sensors may detect laser beams and by using them they can calculate distance. Robots can point out a laser beam from its sender and by using image processing the receiver may determine the diameter of such beam and calculate the distance of the robot from the other objects and surfaces. (additional question: how in robotics you may use laser to determine the distance of the robot from another object.


Lasers are very interesting and amusing objects, therefore, we even may see their applications in toys for children.




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