Ladies sex toys that’s aids healthy sex life

Ladies sex toys that’s aids healthy sex life

Ladies should read this article, it will aid in healthy sex life.
Bringing a sex toy into the bedroom isn’t something you reserve only for steamy nights with your significant other.

“Sex toys open women up to a range of sensations that you just can’t experience with your hands or with a partner,” Carolyn Eagle, product manager and managing editor at Betty’s Toy Box, an online sex toy store, tells Health.

“They let you explore your G-spot and other erogenous zones without feeling pressured to please a partner at the same time.”

So why don’t more women use them when they’re flying solo? “I think women are hesitant to use solo sex toys, particularly when they are in a relationship, because they feel their partner should be the one giving them orgasms,” says Eagle.

It can also be intimidating and uncomfortable for many women to try to pick out erotic items for themselves, especially when there are more on the market than ever before.

1.Tango by We-Vibe

This tiny bullet has an angled tip designed to reach your clitoris. It comes with eight different vibration modes and is USB-rechargeable, travel-friendly, and quiet so you can enjoy your sexy time without anyone knowing.

2.Buck VixSkin by Vixen

With its firm inner core and a soft outer layer that warms up to your body, you might mistake this dildo for the real thing. The Buck also has a non-slip base, so you can set it on a flat surface and directly stimulate your G-spot hands-free.

“If you want a realistic dildo, Buck is absolutely one of the best on the market.” Carolyn Eagle, Betty’s Toy Box

3.Le Wand Rechargeable Vibrating Massager

Don’t be fooled by the dainty design. This powerful waterproof massager has 20 (yes, 20) different vibration patterns and 10 speeds, which you can take your time testing out during a totally you-focused solo sex session.
“The size of wand-style toys can be intimidating, but their iconic status among vibrators is nothing to be looked over. Le Wand is perfect for anyone looking to really work out physical tension.” Lisa Finn, Babeland.

4.The Fin by Dame

Designed for women by women, the Fin is a rechargeable silicone vibrator that offers a gentler, more discreet yet very versatile experience. It comes with a finger loop and grooves, to help you keep your grip.

“If you love using your fingers, you’ll love using Fin for that extra vibrating touch.”Carolyn Eagle, Betty’s Toy Box.

5.Je Joue Rabbit Bullet

The soft bunny ears on the Rabbit Bullet flutter against the clitoris, giving users a teasing sensation. This petite toy fits in your purse and can be used in any aquatic location.
“I can’t suggest this toy more for its wonderfully rumbly motor and variety of sensations.” Lisa Finn, Babeland.

6.Sola Sync

The Sync, by Sola, has a long curved handle to reach your sweet spots from any angle. It’s waterproof, rechargeable, and lightweight, so you can carry it around with you for whenever you need instant, um, stress relief. It can also be operated via remote control.

“We love the Sola Wand because it has a remote control which means you have the power in the palm of your hand—literally.” —Carolyn Eagle, Betty’s Toy Box

7.Womanizer 2GO

This isn’t your ordinary lipstick-shaped vibrator. The 2Go uses a patented suction technology called “Pleasure Air” that triggers the same sensations as being on the receiving end of oral sex and guarantees multiple intense orgasms.

“I never thought that there would be a toy that could get me off in five minutes or less, but Womanizer made that dream a reality.”  Lisa Finn, Babeland.

8.We-Vibe Wish

The Wish fits in the palm of your hand but packs big power thanks to its two mini motors. The curvy shape allows you to reach the right spots, and it features 10 intense vibration patterns, which can be customized on We-Vibe’s compatible app.

“For woman who know they don’t like hard materials, the We-Vibe Wish is my highest recommendation for a toy that has the power of the [We-Vibe] Tango but the texture of a silicone cloud.” Lisa Finn, Babeland.


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    Ladies sex toys does aid in improved sex life. But it shouldn’t be commendable.
    Communicate with your partner and tell him what you need him to do to improve your sex life

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