JUMNOEARN ANNOUNCEMENT (must click and read)

Hello Jumboearners, it came to our notice that most of you have been violating our rules. What rules am i talking about? Many of you have been copying articles from wiki, opera news and other sites that can bring Jumboearn down.

Also, many of you are copying articles written by another user and posting it back to the site.  This issues will no longer be tolerated on the platform.

List of things that are not to be tolerated on the platform

  1. Copying articles from sites that can bring down Jumboearn e.g wiki & opera news
  2. Copying articles written by another user and posting it back to the site
  3. Leaving article body empty or posting an article without title
  4. Unproductive comments like lols, alright, nice one, wow & Ok
  5. Not selecting the right category or not selecting a category at all.

NOTE: Going against the forum rules will lead to a suspension of user account, repeating the offence will lead to permanent termination of user account. 

Other Rules To Observe:

1. Please select the right category for each post.
2. Don’t post adverts or affiliate links outside the areas where adverts are explicitly allowed.
3. Don’t post false information on Jumboearn.
4. Don’t violate the privacy of any people e.g. by posting their private pics, info, or chats without permission.
5. Don’t create distracting posts with ALL WORDS BOLD/huge font sizes / ALL CAPS / distracting images spaces, etc.
6. Don’t attempt to post censored words by misspelling them.
7. Don’t promote shady investments like betting, HYIP, MLM, FOREX, binary options, and cryptocurrencies Or Any promotion on Jumboearn.
8. Don’t spam the forum by advertising in the wrong places or posting the same content many times.
9. Complaints to or against moderators must be sent privately. Please don’t disobey, disrespect, or defame them.
10. Please spell words correctly when you post, and try to use perfect grammar and punctuation.
11. Make proper use of Headings (H2,H3,H4….)
12. Do not Plagiarise.
13. Don’t use this forum to advertise your own blog/website.
14. Articles less than 500 words will not be published.

Signed by: Jumboearn Team