IPPIS: Bayero University terminates appointment of lecturers on contract

The Bayero University Kano has in line with the Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System IPPS guidelines, terminated the appointment of all its Lectures on contract with the University.

The University alluded that the termination of the appointment is in line with the federal government directives to enrol staff on the Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System (IPPIS) which does not accommodate contract staff.

One of the contract lecturers, Dr Sai’du Ahmad Dukawa confirmed that his contract appointment with the University has been terminated.

He explained that the university informed him that the termination was in line with the federal government directive to enrol staff on the new salary payment platform (IPPIS).

’ I have been on contract with the university for 7 years and my contract is renewed every two years. Although the contract is supposed to be renewed next year before it was terminated yesterday.’’

The University Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Muhammad Yahuza Bello said the university gave the contract academic lecturers 40 days notice before termination of their appointment, against 30 days notice as contained in the contract agreement.

He said the university took the decision in line with the federal government move to stop payment of contract lecturers.

‘’ It is a condition to enrol staff in the salary payment platform of IPPIS. And the federal government made it clear that except the university would pay such staff from its internally generated revenue which we cannot.’’

The Vice-Chancellor said the termination of the contract staff would not affect the institution as they are not more than 5, noting that the university has 1, 776 academic staff.

He added that the contract academic staff that are foreigners are not affected

According to the platform’s site, it was instituted in April 2007. And what federal government staff need to do is register on the IPPIS verification portal, a web-based application, which collects their data.

After registering on the platform, they will need to print the documents and proceed to their MDA for submission and biometric enrollment.

Once enrolled, the platform’s data is what is used by the body responsible for payment of salaries and wages directly to the employee’s bank account with the necessary deductions (taxes, insurance and all) made automatically.

According to the Accountant-General of Nigeria, whose purview the platform is under, the system has enrolled over seven hundred thousand FG staff from over 561 MDAs.

This is said to have helped the government save over two hundred billion Naira from managing personnel costs and the discovery of ghost workers. If this is true, one can see why the FG is keen on getting everyone on board.

However, ASUU’s argument has been that the system will not be able to cater to its peculiarities – sabbatical leaves, part-time programmes, staffing of new programmes, visitation, payment of out-sourced services and earned allowances.

It wants to develop its own system, a stand some staff members are not necessarily on the same page with.

The IPPIS system is, however, said to be flexible enough to accommodate all the above peculiarities. It is been used by several other MDAs with no known complaints so far. This would suggest as much.

Hopefully, both parties will find a middle ground which does not lead to another extended academic strike



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    The university system is filled retired lecturers still on contract.
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