Instead of have you eaten,funny questions you can ask during a conversation

Instead of have you eaten, funny questions you can ask during a conversation with your date or crush.


How was your night or Have you eaten, you already know the anthem, it belongs to our very own Nigerian Boyfriends Association (NBA). As a Nigerian lady you may have lost count of the number of times you have been asked these questions . To most members of NBA it is a way to keep the conversation going, but to most ladies it’s just the usual and doesn’t even grab their attention. We also can’t blame our NBA, at times you just run out of topics to talk about or things to say, so we just result to the have you eaten speech.

Well no more ,say goodbye to the usual because a good Samaritan has taken the time to help us with a list of questions that will help keep the conversation going. Some of these questions caught my attention for being pretty hilarious and I could just imagine the reply they would attract while some questions could help avoid issues in near future. Here are some of them;

1) Are you a gossip : Unbelievable right I couldn’t even believe my eyes when I saw this, imagine an answer to this; occasionally or it depends on the topic or who it is about.

2)Have you ever started a rumor : Maybe or no or when I was little or I didn’t like the individual.

3)Do you want children : Funny right but it really isn’t. I watched a movie where a lady didn’t want children in her words “its a dirty business “. It may seem weird but some people do not want children so do well to ask before jumping in the wagon.

4)How long does it take for you to get ready : Men do tend to complain alot about their partners taking to long to get ready so start asking now to prepare your mind.

5)How old are you : well people say ladies tend to lie alot about their age, they are EYY (every year young). True or false?

6)Do you like your age : weird question right but it could be important, let me know.

7)How tall are you : If you are in to online dating I think this is an important question to prevent I was shocked and after the first date you stop picking your calls.

8)Have you ever fired a gun : wow who would have thought but someone might just want to know.

9)Are you a good liar : hilarious right but it just might save you from complaining about a partner who is always lying. So are you a good liar?

10)Do you have much of an ego : so some couples complain about their partners having an ego so big it could fill a room. I guess everyone has an ego but the question is; is it small, big, huge or humongous?

11)Do you correct people when they make mistakes :This shouldn’t be a problem right? But some people tend to correct people rudely or in public which could be embarrassing.

12) Are you clean or messy person : I think this is important and could help you in the long run.

13)What would be your ideal partner : I think this gives you insight into the type of people they are interested in and it could save you alot of stress and time. For example she says she wants a 6ft tall muscular dark 6digit earning guy and you know you’re the opposite or he says he wants thick or slim social intelligent rich lady and you’re the opposite, well you basically will know where you stand.

14)What shoe size are you : I can’t stop laughing here.

15)How many pairs of shoes do you own :hilarious right who would have thought someone would want to know this, imagine a reply 2 or 1.

16)What color of socks are you wearing :am howling with laughter here like What?

Anyway those are the questions that really caught my eye. Here’s the full list tell me which made you laugh more or caught your eye and what else do you think should be added to the list ? I personally think

-Do you borrow clothes and shoes.



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    Amazing. I do more of that you know just think out of the box at times

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    I literally lose interest when someone asks me if I have eaten.
    But these are really weird though.
    There are many interesting questions to ask to keep the conversation going though, not what color of socks are you wearing

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    Sounds funny, but this is the simple truth

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