If You Are At Age 30 Or Above, Stop Eating These Foods Immediately

Health Is Wealth”

Today I will be revealing to you foods that are very dangerous to your health especially if you belong to the age range I quoted above. You know very well that your lifestyle have a way of affecting your health. Many have died, many have expose themselves to body damages that are irreversible and many are exposed to serious health implications. I don’t want you to be a victim; to achieve this, you must adjust your feeding pattern to fit into healthy feeding pattern.

Why at age 30 and above?

At younger age, your body immune system is super powerful to deal with any kind of food you eat whether good or bad except in serious cases. As you age, your body’s immune system gets weaker. The activities of other body systems will not be 100% efficient any more. The food you eat then and go free, when you eat it, you may have serious health issues. This is why you must quit eating foods that could elicit health dangers to your body. Let’s talk about dangerous foods you must quit eating immediately.

White flour

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White flour and foods made from it like bread, snacks etc is dangerous to your health if you are 30 or above. Why is white flour bad for you? It’s bad for you because it underwent various industrial processes when making it. The nutrients which you ought to have enjoyed were removed together with the germ and bran. All that remain in white flour is starch and probably some synthetic nutrients that are added to fortify its nutritional value which may not be good for you. The flour has low quantity of fibre, vitamins, minerals and essential oils which were removed during processing. This low fibre flour when consumed can spike the amount of sugar level and the subsequent result could diabetes related complications. You can consider whole grains as an alternative.

Carbonated soft drink

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Carbonated soft drinks aren’t food for you if you are within the age limit we are discussing. Most soft drinks contain high amount of sugar which is bad for you. This is because the high sugar content of the carbornated soft drinks increases the activities of the liver and pancreas as a result of increased blood sugar. Some of those labelled “sugar free” seem to be more healthier but aren’t. Some contain aspartame as a sweetener. You know that though they are labelled “sugar free” yet, they are sweet. Avoid them because aspartame is which is use as an alternative sweetener to sugar is neurotoxic. Use honey to sweeten your food instead. Go for dates and fruits; they are better for your health.

Deep fried foods


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The high heat involved in frying change the chemical structures of the oil. The oil become oxidized and part of it enters into the food you are frying. Once these oxidized oils gets into your body, they behave like free radicals – molecules that have ability to destroy your cells. The health effect of having your cells destroyed by free radicals is developing cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease and even diabetes. Under no circumstances should you consume oils used for deep frying and even foods that are deeply fried eg plantain, potato or banana chips, meat etc. Bake, steam or roast instead of deep frying.


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Alcohol has various ways of causing damage to your system. The liver is the organ that is responsible for removing toxic chemicals including alcohol. Consuming alcohol can interfere with this activities leading to the its inflammation popularly known as liver cirrhosis.

Alcohol could also trigger abnormal activation of digestive enzymes produced by pancreas. When there is build up of these enzymes, the pancrease may be affected. These events could also lead to high blood sugar or otherwise.

Alcohol is also know to make you gain weight. I don’t need to mention the implications of adding weight – high blood pressure, heart diseases etc are know to be triggered when one add weight.

As you advance in age, you need to maintain good eating pattern in order to prevent age related diseases like diabetes, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, heart diseases etc. Stop eating foods that can expose you to all of these and go for more natural foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains etc.

I hope this article was helpful. Give us feedback through the comment box below.



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