How to recognize fake charger

Do you plan to buy a Samsung charger or USB cable for your Samsung telephone yet don’t have a clue whether it is original or fake? Try not to stress, here we have firmly looked at both by putting them one next to the other and found 11 notable difference. Keep reading to discover what they are.

Numerous cell phone users believes that using third party chargers and USB cables doesn’t have any risk, nonetheless, it has been demonstrated every once in a while that using counterfeit/fake chargers, batteries, USB cables, and different extras could be dangerous and might harm your cell phone.

As of late, we attempted to discover the dissimilarities between the original Samsung chargers/USB links and fake to help our readers in making a savvy choice between the two while looking for Samsung USB cables and chargers.

The differences were minor to the point that one could always be unable to discover which one is the original Samsung accessory and which one is the reproduction except if the two chargers and USB cables are truly situated next to each other and firmly examined, similarly as we did in this article.

So trying to help you in making your charger and USB cable purchase stress free, we have arranged a list of noticeable differences, which one can possibly see whether they have a genuine charger and data cable with them while purchasing.

The distinctions we have referenced in this article would help you in affirming whether the charger and USB cable being sold by the seller or the supplier is original or fake.

Likewise, on the off chance that you have intended to arrange a Genuine Samsung chargers or USB cable from any online internet business store then we will recommend you ensure that the provider you are putting in a request with is credible and gives a refund policy.

Along these lines, you would have the option to get the item refund later on the off chance that you discover that the charger or cable is fake.

Aside from the obvious contrasts between the original Samsung chargers and the fake ones, there may be a few varieties in their circuits just as the output power and current rating. Remember that the poorly made charger circuits with various output power ratings than the original ones could for all time harm your cell phone.

As referenced by the Samsung on their site:

Samsung suggest you should use just Samsung real or endorsed batteries that have been explicitly intended for use in Samsung items. The use of incompatible batteries, cables and chargers may not be safe to use and could cause harm to the gadget or couple provide external damage.

With this being said, are you ready to discover the difference between the fake and original Samsung accessories?

Now lets head over to the next section to make yourself mindful of all the difficult to-see differences and figure out how you can without much of a stretch separate between the two without anyone else.

1. The build Quality of the Charger: The absolute first thing you are going to see when you get your charger is its general build quality. The authentic charger should feel very much assembled, strong, and solid; though the fake charger would feel like it is made of some cheap plastic.

2. The Weight of the Charger: If you take your original Samsung charger with you when you want to buy another charger, you will be able to recognize the real and fake chargers just by observing their weight. Because of the prevalent form quality, the authentic charger should feel heavier when contrasted with the fake one.

3. Look At Corners and Edges of the Charger: If you analyze the top side and the edges of the first charger with the fake one, you will see that the fake charger’s corners and curves are uneven and have some excess plastic, while the original charger has smooth and leveled edges. (As should be obvious in the image above).

4. Check Out The Joints on the Charger:

Both, unique just as fake chargers have a joint in the center. The original charger has a smooth and flat joint while the fake one has a sharp and prominent joint.

5. USB Connector Port Slot on the Charger:

As we have examined in the last point, the cutting of the USB connector port opening of the fake charger additionally have uneven corners and edges. While, the original charger have very much fabricated, smoothed, and leveled edges. (As should be obvious in the image above).

6. The Charger Plugs:

The European standard fittings on the original Samsung charger includes an additional layer of plastic on the lower end of the structure of the attachments to give additional quality and backing, which likewise upgrades its general durability. While, on the fake Samsung charger you will see that there are basic attachments with no durability structures. (As should be obvious in the image underneath).

7. Micro USB Connector Size:

On the micro- USB to USB link, you are going to see that there is a noteworthy contrast between the micro USB connector size of the original Samsung USB cable and the fake USB cable. The original micro USB connector is smaller in size and is nearer to the body, while the fake USB cable has a bigger micro USB connector and there’s more space between the connector and the body, which is bound to get broken after frequent use.

8. Micro – USB Interlocking: If you give close consideration to the interlocking, you will see that the original micro USB interlocks are reliably positioned, are trapezoid shape, and have an equal distance. While, on the fake USB cable, the mico USB interlocks are inconsistently found and are square in shape.

9. USB Symbol Imprint on the Micro-USB Connector:

The USB symbol engraved on the micro USB connector body have variety. As should be obvious in the image above. The original USB cable connector has a light colour laser-engraved image while the fake one has darker colour USB image.

10. USB Connector: As you can find in the image beneath, the outside of the original USB connector shell has a little dent. While, the USB connector shell on the fake USB cable has a level surface.

11. USB Symbol imprint on the USB Connector:

As referenced in the difference no. 9 over, the USB connector end additionally has a slight variety in the USB imprint colour. You can see the contrast between the two in the above picture.

To conclude.

In the end, we would state that the differences that have been said in this article are difficult to recognize if you don’t have a original product or accessory with you to think about and separate between the two. Also, as of now mentioned in the first place, using a fake or fake charger with your cell phone could harm it after some time, if not right away. So we will prescribe you to use genuine products and accessories as it were.

If you can successfully detect this, I believe you can apply this for other products apart fro Samsung.

What’s your experience in purchasing another charger or USB cable for your Samsung cell phone? Have you discovered additional contrasts between the original and fake ones? Share with us in the comment segment beneath.



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