How to maintain good relationship

How to maintain good relationship

There are some genuine errors we overlook seeing someone that cause us a great deal regardless of whether you are hitched to the best companion in the entire world,

on the off chance that you don’t watch your heart, you may wind up “experiencing passionate feelings for”

with somebody aside your life partner and in the long run ruin your marriage.

Nobody gets hitched and plans to have illicit relationship however loads of wedded people are into undertakings today since they rested when they ought to have been wide wakeful with their five detects alert.

Things To Avoid If You Really Love Your Spouse:

1. Try not to be excessively agreeable with different women or folks:

This is the place heaps of wedded individuals land in a tough situation. Over otherworldliness and pride will wreck your marriage!

You can’t deal with dear fellowship with different women or folks as a wedded individual. Your heart is included.

Set limits.

Be taught.

Be agreeable.

Be aware.

Be authentic.

Be heavenly.

2. Try not to impart your own issues to orders particularly perhaps a person or woman who isn’t your better half or spouse. It will bond you together. Issues bond individuals.

3. Try not to contact any person or woman you are attached to:

On the off chance that you subtly appreciate them, you are partial to them and there is a shivering in your heart at the unimportant idea of them, don’t contact!

4. Stay away from pointless eye to eye connection that waits with another person or woman.

5. Try not to tell different women or folks how sentimental you are:

That private data is for your life partner as it were.

6. Stay away from conversations with the inverse different women or folks when you are worn out,

exceptionally dismal, discouraged, troubled, tired, lethargic or wiped out:

This can cloud your judgment and make you express senseless things.

Converse with your better half/spouse.

7. Keep away from pointless commendation of different women or folks.

8. Quit saying “I love you” to the inverse different folks or women. For what?

9. Work on your Marriage: Keep the fire of affection and sentiment alive in your Marriage.

10. Ensure your Family:

Try not to impart your conjugal issues to your inverse or another person or woman. It will bond you.

11. Never play with the inverse or another person or woman.

12. Brain the photos you post via web-based networking media. Cutoff pictures that show your bends or depict you as sentimental Lady or fellow.

13. Try not to contact all your EX after marriage: It can murder your marriage

14. Try not to visit with the inverse or another person or woman when you are horny:

Regardless of whether it’s during a period, for example, this (when you don’t get the chance to see eye to eye). The truth of the matter is that things will before long return to typical and we’ll all resume our financial lives. Trust me the first occasion when you set eyes on them when you continue, the brain has a method of simply getting from where you left of (in your visits), and that could be sad!

15. Quit concentrating on your companion’s shortcomings and value their qualities:

In the event that you generally observe the awful side of your life partner, you will be irate, unpleasant, basic and search for somebody who can “get” you and fulfill you aside your mate. That is the start of a passionate issue and inevitable sexual issue. It is the start of the finish of a once great marriage!

Escape from all appearance of abhorrence is the thing that the Bible says.

What you won’t eat, don’t carry it to your nose. Try not to smell it!

Try not to begin what you can’t wrap up!

Dodge all enthusiastic and sexual undertakings. They will devastate your marriage! May you not make a stride that will prompt everlasting misgiving.



The Lord will keep our homes, relationships and keep us unadulterated to reign with him in Jesus name. So be it.


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    most importantly avoid third party in your marriage

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    Good relationships are built through communication, selflessness and commitments.
    But in terms of couple relationships, one should just make conscious efforts to avoid what his/her spouse dislikes.

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    Like no 15, “Quit concentrating on your companion’s shortcomings and value their qualities”, this true as doing so will blind you to the good values they possess

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