How To Help Black Lives Matter And Stop Police Brutality

There are a lot of different problems in the world, and some think we can not change them, but we actually can, and we must take action on every problem we face during our lives; this is the personal debt of every person in the world.

Today we will talk about the serious problem for the USA — police brutality. We all know that the United States of America is a country of police state type. We can not do anything about it. We need to trust the police because police must do only one thing — protect us, and there is a problem. Sometimes police make their defense too brutal, and occasionally single person in the police thinks they are Gods — basically abuse of power. And it’s not about this particular situation, it’s about all America.


To prevent it, you can do these simple actions to help Black Lives Matter:

Put yourself in someone else’s shoes

Always try to think about all opinions, everyone has their view on the problem, do not be rude or justice someone from the first sight, there is a chance that he can be right and you are wrong, or maybe there is no right position. If you criticize something, at least do it objectively and with facts.

If someone is criminal — he is still a human
george floyd

Please, do not think that movements like that support the criminal world and all of these staff, it’s a lie; they actually support human in every criminal. It does not matter you are a criminal or a clean person. Everyone has the right to be the same as the law. Just think there are a lot of different situations in our life. Some people are criminals, not because they really want this. Sometimes it’s problems in childhood, low-income families, no work, no studying, etc, of course, there are real criminals, people who want to do bad things. It does not really matter. Everyone must have the same rights before the law.

Fish rots from the head
george floyd

It’s not a 100% method, but think, maybe problem not in the single policemen? Maybe its issue of the sheriff or your government, think for whom you voted last time, ask them — what can they really do about this problem, how they can solve it if you have options how to do it — always suggest, this called democracy.

Check out the website of Campaign Zero

Campaign ZeroAfter reading this article check out the website called Campaign Zero, they have 10-steps plan to solve the problem of police brutality

Protests are really helping

Take part in protests, but do not be brutal as police do, you should go there and act as an abiding citizen, try to make peaceful protest without violence and other bad things. Invite your friends and spend one day of your life to help your country.

Support families that suffered by police
police brutality

If you have free money, you can support families who have problems with money and were affected by police brutality. Check out GoFundMe and other related resources and important legitimate site, always check that before donating money.

Make videos about police brutality

Remember, you have the right to cover these actions by your phone or camera. But stay respectful to the police, do not try to prevent police actions, be polite, that will help. That can help a lot — later, the special commission will review police actions and decide whether it is okay or not. It would be best if you did everything to remove brutal police. The important thing, always keep in mind — policeman — same human as you, he can be bad or good, if he is good to help him.



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