How To Earn At Least $257 Every 30 Days Using Your SmartPhone Even If You Are Not Techy

If you are ready to learn and put in the required work using your smartphone then keep reading to gain the value I am about to share with you in this article.

Few years back, I didn’t know the usefulness of my smartphone beyond just chatting, posting pictures and liking the posts of others.

Yes I saw people talking about how they made a lot of money from their smartphone but anytime I saw their posts, all I kept saying was; scammers.

You won’t totally blame me, I fell victim of illegitimate ways of making money online which blocked my mind from embracing anything called making money from your smartphone.

In 2018, I stumbled upon strategies that made me understand the difference between originality and photocopy.

That same year, the smartphone in my hands became a money making machine for me and not just a tool to make calls or chat online.

If you are still playing around illegitimate ways of making money online using your smartphone then what you have is the photocopy.

Whoever told that it is only Yahoo Yahoo that makes at least $257( 100,000 naira) every 30 days then wait till I show you how your smartphone can give you same results legitimately.

If you have given up on making money using your smartphone because of past experience then don’t give up because I am about to show you 2 major steps which you can take.

Before I share them with you, remember that if you are impatient and you don’t use these strategies properly then forget about seeing results.

Let’s get right into it.

1. Learn And Practice A High Demanding Skill

I understand that it is not everyone who has a laptop, some people don’t have money to buy a laptop to learn skills like website design, advance graphic design and some other skills.

Don’t be discouraged because there are some high demanding skills which you can learn, practice and start making money from using your smartphone.

Because of time and I don’t want to make this post long, I will focus on using one skill as an example.

EBook Writing Skill

This is a skill which you can use for yourself and others who need your service. Let me explain further.

After learning how to craft compelling books which are soft copies (ebooks), you can sell them and make money.

What you need to do is pick something that is in high demand which you have results in like how to make money online, craft compelling content and turn into an eBook.

Let’s say you sell one copy 2,000 naira, if 50 people buy then it means you made 100k. Imagine selling this eBook every month by using book marketing strategies; you have made 100k already monthly.

You can also offer this skill as a service to business owners or busy professionals who want to write an eBook but don’t have time to do that.

2. Sell Others Products( Digital Products)

This is a major business most people in my circle use their smartphone for and make at least 100k every 30 days.

All you need is just to learn how to sell and use social media free or paid medium of getting interested buyers to pay for the digital product.

For example I have an online course called; Boost Your Income which is 5,000 naira, let’s say you decide to partner with me and sell that course for the next 30 days, you make 2,000 as commission from 50 people, this is 100k already right?

All you did was to sell a digital product which you never created.

These are some of the ways you can make money using your smartphone without learning tedious things or crying you don’t have capital to start a business.

I believe you have gotten strategies on how to earn at least $257 every 30 days? If yes then comment below what you will be doing with what you have learnt today, also share with your friends.



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