Adjusting the fuel consumption in most people generator and making the fuel last longer has become a problem to most of not all small generator users as the amount of fuel their generator consumes is extremely high and unbearable.

Therefore in this article, I’m going to show you as well as give a comprehensive explanations of the most effective method of adjusting your generator carburetor for optimum performance and less fuel consumption.

However, this second method of adjusting your generator carburetor to consume less fuel is a little bit technical, but if you pay attention and follow the instructions am going to outline in this article, I believe there won’t be much problem carrying out this simple task of adjusting your generator carburetor so as to use one litre of fuel for at least three hours.

Before I continue, for those of you that did not get to read the first article I wrote on this topic, please you are advised to go to my dashboard and go through the first method of adjusting your generator carburetor so as to understand what to do first before carrying on with the adjustment and the simple test you have to carry out to know if your generator is actually consuming or not, before you can proceed to tunning/adjusting your generator.

As we all know, a carburetor is the mechanical part of a generator which controls about %40 of the generator performance and it is also known as the heart of the generator.

The basic tools you will need when carrying on with the adjustment of your carburetor include;

* Flat or star head screw driver.

* 10/11 spanner.


* Use a 10/11 spanner to open the float chamber as shown below.

* On your fuel tap and allowed fuel to flow into the carburetor as the float chamber is kept open.

* Observe the fuel that is flowing out from the carburetor under side where you pulled out the float chamber.

* If the fuel flowing out from the underside of the carburetor flows profusely, then you need to adjust the float iron that is attached to the plastic float by pushing the plastic float with your finger up and then using a flat head screw driver to push the float iron closer to the float pin as shown below.

* After carrying out the above instructions, put your fuel tap on and observe the amount of fuel coming out from the generator float chamber side.

* If the fuel flows out as drops from the carburetor chamber/bowl side while the fuel tap is open, cover the float chamber back as this shows that you have successfully adjust your generator carburetor, and this will make your generator carburetor reduce fuel consumption drastically.

* Buy if after the adjustment and you open the fuel tap then you notice that fuel is not coming out from the chamber under side, just pull the float iron a little bit out till the fuel starts coming out in drop.

NOTE: In most generator, the above adjustment can be carried out without pulling out the carburetor.

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