How To Access Airtel Cheap Data Plans

Airtel Cheap Data Plans 2020

Airtel since 2018 and 2019 started double data and 100% bonuses which when you add up these bonuses you get a huge amount of data to surf or browse the web with.

It is no new news that Airtel is more interested in new sim purchases and registration than more recharge card purchases and due to this, every new sim card purchase comes with a huge double data plan that is mind blowing. You will think to yourself who does that and where have I been_missing this free gift from Airtel.

Let me guess, am speaking too much English and boring you?

Alright let me cut to the chase. I will classify these bonuses according to their years.

Do Note that if you have an old sim card you can upgrade to enjoy these bonuses.

2018 Airtel Monthly Double Data Plans

1. #1000 – 2GB

2. #2000 – 4.5GB

3. #5000 – 9GB

4. #1500 – 3.5GB

2019 Airtel Monthly Double Data

1. #1000 3Gb

2. #1500 6GB

3. #2000 9GB

4. #5000. 15GB

2020 Latest Airtel Monthly Data Plans

1. #1000 – 4.5GB

2. #1500 – 6GB

3. #2000 – 9GB

4 #3000 – 18GB


So…Are these bonuses mind blowing or what?

How To Activate

Step 1:

Get A New Airtel Sim Card

Step 2:

Register and activate it by making a phone call.

Step 3:

Recharge The Amount You want to subscribe.

Step 4:

Dial *141# to go to the subscription menu and choose my offer.

Step 5:

Select the amount you want to subscribe and choose it. Select option to end data subscription once data is finished (this helps for when your data finishes it doesn’t eat you credit)

Step 6:

Put On Your Data And Enjoy



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