How These 3 Businesses Can Change Your Life – Business

How These 3 Businesses Can Change Your Life – Business

I have stated in some of my articles written on this platform how to identify a profitable business and start one.

I will be sharing from my own personal experience what is obtainable and guaranteed to make you money if rightly followed although I will be limited to agribusiness which is my area of core expertise.

Many years ago, as a graduate looking for ways to add value to my country and make money at the same time, the nearest I could think of is venturing into agriculture, not because it’s the in thing but because of the simple statistics that we would have billions of mouth to feed with Nigeria being the 3rd most populous country in the world by 2050.

In Lagos alone,lagosians pays about 8 billion naira per day for food according to Lagos state government, this is different from other cities and countries in Africa.
This is the huge potential this industry has.

The agric sector has a long chain from the food produced by the farmer to the table of the consumer.

From my experience, not all agribusiness are profitable (depending on circumstances which I will explain later).

To cut the long story short, these 3 agribusiness are profitable and if you want to venture or invest into it, it’s the way to go.

NOTE: All agribusiness mentioned here are some of the ones I have been involved in and make profit from.

1. Plantain Farming:
Anybody who want to venture into agribusiness should venture into it. it’s recommended.
A plantain farm can survive for 25 years if we’ll managed.
For instance,if you have 5000 suckers on your farm, you can be assured of 10,000 suckers in the second year because they would have brought out daughter suckers which you can use to expand your farm.
The fact that prices are also good, consevatively at N700-1500 per bunch.You can do the maths.

For every business,there is corresponding risks.
If you want to start this profitable business, make sure the soil and weather conditions are favorable for it.
Many years ago, I made a mistake which cost me time, money and energy because I planted in an unfavorable area.
Moreover, you need to plan for irrigation as well.
I was invited to setup a farm in abeokuta; on getting there I asked couples of farmers who live in that area and know the area well, about the weather condition,the report was negative so we had to abandon the farm project.

There are different risks and challenges that should be adequately managed to make profit and with my decade experience, I can help you manage them well.

Let experience people guide you so you don’t make the same mistake.
If you want to set up or to manage your agribusiness, I am available to help.

You can also invest with us in our plantain farm estates in ogun state.
Good ROI is guaranteed.
You can contact me on +2348164628081, or +2348092034147 for more info. or check my page

Myself and some of the successful, prominent agroprenuers in Nigeria just started an online mentoring programme,
If you are a newbie who wants to explore the agribusiness industry, it’s strongly advices that you join the mentorship.

You will also be guided step by step on how to access agricultural funds,how to raise funds and scale for profit your farm business.

it will save you a lot of stress, increase your success rate as we share our experiences,challenges and how to overcome them and make tons of money


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