How I saved my life from grave illness using bitter kola to cure several diseases in 4 days

How I saved my life from grave illness using bitter kola to cure several diseases in 4 days

How I saved my life from grave illness using bitter kola to cure several diseases in 4 days

You will be amazed to find out that the kola nut is that the origin of the word “cola,” and therefore the tree on which it grows is believed among many tribes in Nigeria to be the primary tree on earth.

Garcinia kola, mostly called bitter kola is found in moist forest and grows as a medium size tree. it’s cultivated and distributed throughout west and Central African Republic . it’s always been mentioned as a ‘miracle plant’ because almost every a part of it’s been found to be of medicinal importance. it’s known as“Agbilu” in Igbo land and “Namijin goro” in Hausa and “orogbo” in Yoruba land of Nigeria. It produces a characteristic orange-like pod with seeds covered with a skin or husk.

Bitter Kola nut are often chewed with tom tom (sweet) for the treatment of symptoms of cold like cough and catarrh. I even have personally tried it several times and it works sort of a charm.

It is also believed to cure male impotency and therefore the building of strong immunity against infectious diseases. one among my friends with male erecticle dysfunction used it with garlic and guess what it figured out alright and he was so happy because he had already wasted tons of cash on pills.

Bitter kola also can help prevent and fight infections. Research published within the 2004 edition of “Phytotherapy Research” showed that kola nut was effective at reducing the expansion and development of members of the mycobacterium species, the bacteria liable for illnesses like meningitis and tuberculosis.

One of the oldest medicinal uses for the kola nut is to use it as a natural remedy for chest colds. And modern research has shown that it’s effective during this regard. The kola nut helps by enlarging the alveolar ducts and sacs (small air bags within the lungs where oxygen and CO2 are exchanged with the blood), also as by improving the strength of the fibers within the lung tissue.

It can even offer a natural weight loss benefit. during a study published within the Nigerian Journal of Physiological Sciences, it had been discovered that daily intake of kola nut by man can actually reduce food intake, and thus weight , without altering water intake. this is often thought to flow from to the caffeine within the nuts reducing the mans appetites. ound that intake of kola nut can increase the body’s rate by the maximum amount as 118%. Bitter kola extracts also contain nonsteroidal plant compounds that have the power to kill cancerous prostate cells and should modulate prostate growth and performance

Research have revealed that the chemical components in Bitter Kola have anti-malaria properties. this is often due to itsquinones andkolaviron contents which are found to possess anti-malaria effects. The bark, the stem and therefore the seed of Bitter Kola all contain anti-malaria properties.

Osteoarthritis is that the commonest sort of arthritis, characterized by pain, inflammation and limited movement within the joints, consistent with the National Institute of Health. The causes of osteoarthritis include joint injury, obesity and aging. Researchers have discovered that Bitter Kola has clinically significant analgesic and anti inflammatory effects on patients with osteoarthritis.

Bitter Kola also is a snake and bug repellant. Researchers believe that the nut helps to expel dangerous snakes and destructive ants from your home. It also can be taken to detoxify the body system when gastrointestinal disorder is suspected.

It has been reported that the seeds is sweet for ulcer patients, the ethanol extract from the seeds to ameliorate pain and mild kidney insufficiency induced by the anticancer drug, cisplatin. Discomfort from drug induced emesis can deter a patient from taking further chemotherapeutic agent especially with the doubtless curative anti cancer treatment


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