Hazard, De Bruyne & Pogba… Mourinho has a history of falling out with stars

IT’S happened again.

According to reports, Spurs boss Jose Mourinho has fallen out with record £65million signing Tanguy Ndombele and will refuse to play for him.

The pair are alleged to have had a massive bust-up at training on Monday, and are said to have clashed repeatedly since the Portuguese became Tottenham boss in November.

Mourinho has denied the claim, but if it is true the French midfielder is one of a number of stars who have argued with ‘The Special One.’

Let SunSport remind you who.


When you reportedly compare your star player to a “virus”, then it’s fair to say you’re at the end of your tether with him.

And that’s what Mourinho is believed to have called the French World Cup-winner Pogba in front of his team-mates after a disappointing 2-2 draw with Southampton.

It started so well in the beginning too, with Mourinho lauding the player’s talent and ego.

But Jose remained unconvinced by his player’s efforts, and eventually began to leave him out of the side.

In the end, Pogba won the war and Mourinho was sacked.

According to reports, astonishing scenes then followed at United’s Carrington training ground when Pogba allegedly shouted “he f***ed with the wrong baller” upon hearing the news, forcing Michael Carrick to intervene and remind him that no player is bigger than the club.


Mourinho was particularly scathing about the England left-back’s fitness and mental attitude during his time at Old Trafford.

He even tore into him after a performance against Everton in 2017, despite the former Southampton star having one his better games.

Why? Because it was all down to his manager.

Mourinho said: “He [Shaw] had a good performance but it was his body with my brain. He was in front of me and I was making every decision for him.”

Since Mourinho was fired, Shaw has gone on to become United’s first choice left-back and is fitter than ever.


After winning two league titles at Stamford Bridge, the flying winger became plagued by injuries and soon lost the trust of Mourinho.

He was later sold to Real Madrid, before excelling at Bayern Munich to become one of the most feared wingers in European football.

“I was working with him for three years at Chelsea. It was a successful time, he’s a big personality and as a coach of a top team you need to be,” Robben revealed.

“He knew how to work with big players and put them together and let them work together. He certainly knew what he was talking about and had the respect of every single player.

“But we started to play more in this diamond without wingers, which is not good for me. The system changed a bit so I made my decision and left.”

It’s hard to imagine falling out with Brazilian legend Kaka, a humble man who turned up in east London back in February to have a kickabout with a six-a-side team.

But the former Ballon d’Or winner revealed he had a “respectful but complicated” relationship with his former boss.

“Jose Mourinho was a difficult coach for me,” Kaka revealed.

“I trained, I fought and I prayed a lot, but having not received the confidence of the coach, I realised that I could not work with him.”


The love-affair soon soured after the keeper looked to build bridges with Barcelona for the good of the Spain national team after years of El Clasico feuds.

While praised by many, Mourinho was fuming and immediately marginalised the Madrid legend.

Diego Torres wrote in his biography, The Special One: “Mourinho saw him as a grass, a mole, a traitor and an egoist.”

The pair never recovered from their row, with Casillas eventually being allowed to join Porto by Mourinho’s replacement Carlo Ancelotti.

“This was an inheritance from the previous era,” Casillas is said to have muttered as walked through the exit door.


Casillas was far from the only one to fall out with Mourinho at Madrid.

Ramos and the Spanish No1 reportedly both issued an ultimatum to the board threatening to demand a move away if Mourinho carried on.

Ramos was fuming about Mourinho’s treatment of Casillas, and said the club’s “dirty laundry” shouldn’t be aired in public.

He was dropped for a crunch Champions League tie, but got his way when Florentino Perez gave Mourinho the boot.

Once Mourinho’s greatest ally, the Portugal defender soon fell foul of him after siding with Casillas.

Mourinho hit back, claiming the criticism was born out of Pepe losing his place to youngster Raphael Varane.

The Special One claimed: “It is easy to analyse the Pepe thing. His problem has a name, and it is Raphael Varane.”


The pair share the same agent in Jorge Mendes, so you’d hope they’d get along.

And in the most, they actually do with Mourinho lauding CR7’s talent and wishing his fellow countryman well.

But Mourinho wasn’t happy that Ronaldo didn’t take kindly to his words of advise about improving.

“Maybe he thinks that he knows everything and that the coach cannot improve him anymore,” he blasted.

He also said the “real Ronaldo” was the Brazilian striker.

But the rift appears to be over, with Ronaldo calling Mourinho the best manager he’s ever worked under, and that includes mentor Sir Alex Ferguson.


Chelsea will always rue the day they sold Belgium ace Kevin De Bruyne.

After failing to break into the Blues team under Mourinho, he left for Wolfsburg before returning to the Premier League with Manchester City.

Mourinho explained why.

He said: “With De Bruyne, if you have a player knocking on your door and crying every day he wants to leave, you have to make a decision…But if he was at Chelsea and not at Wolfsburg, he wouldn’t have reached this level.

“It was like a wall, a block. He was not ready to compete. He was an upset kid, training very bad.”


Returning to Chelsea in 2013, Mourinho immediately dropped the defender and stated he would “not be missed” after selling him to PSG.

Luiz retorted: “If he would be saying that he would miss me, then he would actually contradict himself.

“If the coach is saying that he was not going to miss me, it means that other results are not good. I think this is normal.

“Now I am listening to my new coach, to Laurent Blanc, and not my former coach.

“Now what is really important for me are the words and instructions of Laurent Blanc because Mourinho at Chelsea belongs to the past.”

Luiz then taunted his old boss a season later after knocking Chelsea out of the Champions League. One word. Karma.


The striker branded Mourinho a “fool” and a “puppet” after the Portuguese mocked his age.

Mourinho was caught in a secret recording, joking: “I have Eto’o but he is 32 years old, maybe 35, who knows?”

The Cameroon star famously imitated an old man after scoring for Chelsea against Tottenham, and had the last laugh.

But he wasn’t happy with Mourinho’s man-management skills.

“He left me on the bench for a month and made me warm up in injury time,”

Ex-Man United boss Jose Mourinho laughs to himself after saying something to Bruno Fernandes



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