Has that mouth odour refused to go away? This can help you.

Mouth odour is more common than we all think, according to some research one in four people are suffering from this disgraceful problem.

Some people know that they have bad breath while some people don’t, so if you want to be sure you should ask a loved one to check for you and be ready to be hurt just in case.

Bad breath can be dealt with in many ways and most of such cases can be dealth with by following simple routine tips and steps. While some are easy to deal with, some are not and might require that you get medical attention.

Some causes of bad breath include bad dental hygiene like not brushing at all, not brushing often enough, hole in the teeth, food stuch in between the teeth and so on. These things need to be observed to know the origin of what we are dealing with.

Are you tired of having to avoid people’s faces when you speak because you don’t want them to perceive the stench? Are you tired of feeling down and insecure because you are never sure if your mouth stinks at a certain time or not? Brothers and sisters let’s look at a few steps to deal with this situation.


We are used to rinsing our mouths after we brush for different reasons, but wherever we learnt that from we learnt the wrong thing. After brushing the extra foam from the toothpaste should be spat out and that’s the end of the brushing process. When it is done this way, we give the flouride in the toothpaste enough time to work on the teeth to kill bacteria and deal with whatever causes the bad stench. alsi, don’t forget to brush your tongue, when you don’t bruh your tongue it starts to look whitish and starts to stink from the accumulated dirt.


The flossing culture is not really popular in Nigeria, some people do not even know what flossing means which is very bad. Flossing is the process of removing built up plaque and other debris that are trapped between the teeth using a thread like tool.

Flossing helps to reduce the probability of things being stuch between the teeth for a long period of time causing odours.


When we eat we have some food residue left in the mouth which when it spends a long time in the mouth it starts to stink. In order to avoid this and reduce the debris built up on the teeth, we need to brush after we eat. We might not need to use toothpaste after eating but just brushing with water will do a lot of help.


This is for those temporary bad breath that. comes from staying too quiet for too long, some people call it stake breath. This one is not always there but is there are a result of one thing or the other. Sometimes it is caused by medications that make the mouth dry also causing bad breath. Having sweets like Tom-Tom around will help that deal with it.

Some homemade remedies for mouth odour include mixing baking soda with a bit of water and shaking it inside your mouth. This will help kill the bacteria, deal with the odour and also help whiten your teeth. Eating citrus fruits like lemon, orange and tangerine will help keep the mouth fresh and help with saliva production.


When your mouth bleeds regularly especially when you brush your teeth you need to go straight to the hospital. Bleeding from the mouth and gum can be as a sign of gum disease and it needs to be attended to.

Also, when you have tried everything possible to deal with your mouth odour and it’s still persistent, you might need to see the doctor because that might be a sign of other serious health issues. When there is a problem with the kidney and some other internal organs, they emit some gases which come out through the mouth and pass off as mouth odour.

Thank you for reading this article for more tips and if you have any suggestions please use the comment section. Also like and comment let’s have a conversation. Don’t forget to share as well.



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