Now everything have changed, having a Degree or Diploma will not guarantee you’ll going to go where you want to go. Because there are many graduates out there without a job yet.

Dan Lok said that “We’ve shifted from job economy to skill economy”. And I believe with what he said.

Did you know that more than 40% of Google’s employees don’t have a degree but work with their skills?

Moreover; If you see Steve Jobs (Founder, Apple), Mark Zuckerberg (Founder, Facebook), Bill Gate (Founder, Microsoft), Larry Page (Founder, Google). They all don’t have a Degree, but they have both graduates and non working in their company.

Now technology changed the world where you can learn many skill set without going to college or university but only taking courses online or joining Bootcamp.

Here is the 7 skills that’re hard to learn but will pay your bills forever:

1.    Coding Skill

So many companies and businesses need good people with coding skills. Many companies out there are spending huge amount of money on coders and software developers.

A person who is good in coding can also work as a freelance developer and make a 6-figure income online.

2.    Chat-Bot Marketing Skill

Chat-Bot is like autoresponder but is not an autoresponder. Autoresponder is a series of emails pre-written in sequential manner.

When you sign up in some platforms, there is email message sent to you immediately after a couple minutes. That’s the autoresponder.

While Chat-Bot is an automatic response in private chat. When you visit some platforms, there is a message that will pop up to you saying “Hi, what can I help you with?” and there you’ll start chatting. That’s the Chat-Bot.

This is a new skill that is in demand and many people didn’t know about that, many companies need someone that will focus on Chat-Bot marketing for them. Chat-Bot marketing skill requires a good knowledge in Copywriting, and some basic technical skill.

3.    Copywriting Skill

Copywriting- is the ability to use words to persuade and influence someone to buy. Copywriting is design to sell.

Copywriting skill involves writing Emails, Landing Pages, E-commerce site, Descriptions, Facebook ads, Google ads and more.

So, why is it that a valuable skill to learn?

Because anyone marketing online, or selling online and any company out there need Copywriter. That’s why a good Copywriters will always be in high demand.

And to master the skill, you need to have the ability to understand people, to understand languaging, to understand human psychology, to understand how do you get people to take action.

4.    System Skill

Many Companies need a person who is extremely good to help them organize different aspect in their business, this could be a project, processes, flow etc.

System is a valuable skill to have, especially if you’ll specialize in certain area. You’ll always be in demand, and that can make you 6-7 figure income with this skill.

5.    Digital Marketing Skill

To become a digital marketer, you need a variety of skills that include Copywriting, Funnel Building, designing, Closing, and a little bit of coding skill.

You also have to understand how each and every social media works, what kind of client are in every social media platform.

You can make huge amount of money as a digital marketer, clients are willing to pay you on a monthly basis for a big a project.

6.    Consulting Skill

Because, there are so many changes that are happening in business world,  companies need help, guidance or advice, they need consultants.

This could be Social Media consultant, it could be Sales consultant, and it could be Management, Tech or Leadership consultants etc.

There is so many areas a business need consultant, that’s why it will always be in high demand. You as a consultant can charge a monthly fee to consult with your client. If you’re a high ticket, you only need 2 or 3 client to make 6-figure income as a consultant.

7.    Funnel-Building Skill

Many companies and businesses need funnels to get traffic and convert that traffic into sales. This could be a landing page, lead magnet, webinar funnel etc.

A person with this particular skill can make a lot of money by helping companies to convert traffic into sales, because companies are always looking for a ways to increase sales.

Funnel building skill must requires a good knowledge in Copywriting. Because funnels are built to convert traffic into sales.



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