Hailey Bieber Wears the Unofficial Dress of Summer

It may sound counterintuitive to claim to know the unofficial dress of summer when summer just started and when most people haven’t left their homes for the past two months. Not to sound inelegant, but you would be wrong.In an interview with CNN on Tuesday night, Sununu said he might have a chance to see Trump during his swing through the state, but it would not be at the rally Saturday.

So just how do we know Cult Gaia’s Serita dress is well within the running to claim “dress of summer” status? There are a few key points. Its knitted fabrication, fitted silhouette with cutout detail, and two color options (tan and a sort of burnt umber), easily fall under the current fashion zeitgeist. No, it’s not sweatpants, but, yes, it is comfortable; it’s neutral in either hue option; and it’s giving us that ’70s-meets-’90s silhouette that just feels right right now.

Also, ladies like Candice Swanepoel started flaunting the Serita on the red carpet even before shelter-in-place began. Which may or may not have influenced the large array of influencers who have been wearing the style at home or in their backyards, including a lovely and pregnant Romee Strijd, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Camille Charrier, and more. Because the dress of summer doesn’t need an audience to be appreciated, it just needs a girl, her iPhone, and a legion of followers who can bear witness to the dress.

And it looks like all is not lost this summer on wearing dresses outside. Stay-at-home orders are being gingerly lifted, so the ladies who helped the dress sell out everywhere from Shopbop to Fwrd can wear their new maxi in front of actual other people, too, safely and perhaps outdoors, al fresco. Let’s face it, dresses of summer were not built for indoor life anyway. Luckily, it’s not sold out everywhere. Shop below and on Moda Operandi.

Update, July 8, 2020: If you need further proof of the prevalence of Cult Gaia’s Serita dress, Hailey Bieber donned the tan version of the sultry number at an undisclosed tropical location. She posted three pics on her Instagram account, posing in front of a sandy beach and palm trees.

“It’s not what we need right now in terms of COVID,” said Tom Rath, a Republican former New Hampshire attorney general. “We have been very, very fortunate — our number of deaths are quite small.”

Also on Wednesday, Max Miller, the head of the advance team at the White House, was announced as the deputy campaign manager for presidential operations. Trump asked Miller to assume the role after Brad Parscale, the campaign manager, suggested that Trump choose a person with whom he has a personal relationship to help oversee the rallies.

Indeed, while many other starlets wore the frock at home, Bieber proves that the breathable material and sleek cut-outs are more apropos for an island destination. Also, even in supposed seclusion, she let her fans know that she is prioritizing safety. “Yes, I’ll be wearing a mask with this,” she captioned.



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