German FA will take NO action against Jadon Sancho and others for George Floyd tributes

German FA will take NO action against Jadon Sancho and others for George Floyd tributes

Jadon Sancho will be allowed to continue showing solidarity with Black Lives Matter on the pitch after the German FA confirmed they will be taking no action against players who campaign against racism on the pitch.

England winger Sancho was one of a handful of players to pay tribute to George Floyd over the weekend, the black American who’s death while being detained by police has sparked widespread protests across the United States.

The 20-year-old and team-mate Achraf Hakimi displayed T shits under their Borussia Dortmund shirts with the slogan ‘Justice for George Floyd’ during their 6-1 victory over Paderborn.

Marcus Thuram knelt down after scoring for Borussia Monchengladbach against Union Berlin, while Weston McKennie wore a band with Floyd’s name wrapped around his arm for the duration of Schalke’s clash with Werder Bremen.

The DFB had originally indicated that all four may face sanction for their actions on the pitch. However, it was confirmed on Wednesday that would not be the case.

Indeed, the German FA have moved to empower their players to continue to show their solidarity with the movemwent.

Dr Anton Nachreiner, the chairman of the DFB control committee, said: ‘Of course, the DFB control committee always has the requirements of the FIFA football rules and the DFB regulations in mind.

‘In the specific case, however, these are targeted anti-racism campaigns by the players, which are committed to values ​​for which the DFB also stands and always stands for. Therefore, no proceedings will be initiated, even with comparable anti-racism campaigns, in the next few weeks.’

The move was welcome by the FA’s President, who said the decision mirrors the governing body’s stance on racism.

‘I expressly welcome the far-sighted decision of the DFB control committee and am very happy about it,’ said Dr Fritz Keller.

‘The DFB is firmly against all forms of racism, discrimination and violence and stands for tolerance, openness and diversity – values ​​that also in the DFB Statutes. So the actions of the players have our respect and understanding. ‘

In England, the FA and the Premier League have confirmed players will be allowed to show solidarity with Black Lives Matter on the pitch.

While rules state that political displays can be punished, both have vowed to take a ‘common sense’ approach to any actions or messages on the pitch.

DFB confirms no sanctions for Sancho, Hakimi, McKennie and Thuram


There will be no action taken against Jadon Sancho, Achraf Hakimi, Weston McKennie and Marcus Thuram, the German Football Association has confirmed.

The German Fotball Association (DFB) will not sanction Jadon Sancho, Achraf Hakimi, Weston McKennie and Marcus Thuram for showing support for George Floyd, who was killed in police custody in Minneapolis last week.

“It goes without saying that the DFB’s control body always has FIFA and DFB regulations in mind. In this specific case, however, these are deliberate actions of anti-racism by the players, who are thus campaigning for the very values which the DFB seeks to uphold. So no action will be taken now, nor in the case of further anti-racism demonstrations over coming weeks,” said Anton Nachreiner, chairman of the DFB’s control body, in agreement with DFB President for Legal Affairs Rainer Koch.

DFB president Fritz Keller said:

“I welcome the far-sighted decision from the DFB’s control body and am very pleased with it. The DFB is opposed to all forms of racism, discrimination and violence, and stands for tolerance, openness and diversity – all values that are also deeply engrained with the DFB statutes. That’s why the players’ actions have our respect and understanding.”


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