Guys did practically anything to get the attention of a girl they liked and sometimes some of those things can be annoying, romantic, stupid or downright funny. Even in secondary school days, there were some boys that went all the way to attract girls, it was like they forget all sense of reasoning, dignity or self guidance when they were in “impress mode”.

In this article we are going to focus on the very ridiculous things the guys did to impress and attract the girls they liked back in secondary school and if you are a guy then you must have done one or two of this things in your lifetime.

1. Boys refused to cry when punished

This was done by a lot of boys, once in a while when they get in trouble or misbehaved and they were punished by a teacher, they try their best to hold down the tears from dropping. Guys saw it as weakness to cry in front of girls even if they really wanted to, but some mischievous girls will still go all the way to come and console the boys or tell them “sorry”, but sometimes this gesture will make things worst and some boys may not be able to hold down the tears any longer and may start crying.

2. Always staring at her in class

This was a very common practise by some lover boys back in secondary school, some even stare so long at the girl that sometimes they forget to face the teacher. This was so funny because they sometimes get caught either by the girl or by the teacher in class, and when asked ” what were you looking at?” They will prefer to be punished than reveal the truth.

3. Tailoring the school trouser to look cool

This particular act got a lot of boys in trouble back in the day, some boys would go as far as tightening or shaping the size of the school trouser originally given to them. Some guys even did low waist style with their trousers all in a bid to impress the girls, but trust the strict teachers who punished them for it.

4. Changing hairstyle every week

This is so funny because boys mostly went against school authorities to perform this act, most secondary school always instruct their male student to always barb the low cut hairstyle but the lover boys are ready to rebel against the school authorities to impress and attract the girl they are crushing on at the time. So what they do is to constantly change their hairstyle in
the hope of getting a good compliment.

5. Fighting other boys to prove their strength

As we all know girls are attracted to “the alpha male” or the macho man, so what the boys did in order to impress a female classmate and prove they are the leading guys, is to get into fist fight with their fellow classmate and many times even their seniors in school. This was funny because sometimes they may win and other times they may get embarrassed and became the laughing stock of the class.

6. They gave her anything she needed to borrow

This can be funny and at the same time romantic. The lover boys goes to great extent to prove there feelings, some can be stupid by giving the only pen they have to their crush and even get punished by the teachers in the end. Apart from pen they also gave out their notebooks, stationeries, food snacks and even answers to academic questions.

7. Talking to other female classmate to make her jealous

This was a smart strategy used by boys back in secondary school days to make a girl they liked very jealous. They try to talk to her friends in front of her, just to make her feel some type of way. This technique was used by many boys to make a girl they had a crush on in school give them a second look.

8. writing lover letter

When all the above have been done and nothing has come out of it and the girl have not noticed them or looked their way, some boys will use this method in a desperate attempt to express their feelings. This was a very bold step and one needed to have a strong will to perform this task, because many things could go wrong, they might get laughed at, rejected, reported and even punished if a teacher found out.

These are some of the funny things guys did back in secondary school to attract a girl they liked. Mostly in senior secondary school, friendship became stronger, boys began to have feelings and crushes started happening and boys did funny things to attract girls.



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