Frequently asked questions by women

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Do you loose your temper quickly?
As for me I dont loose my temper easily, It takes alot to make me loose my temper. I really have to be pushed to my limit to make that happen.
How many close friends do you have?
Just Roberto and he has relocated to Sydney in Australia.
How would your friends describe you?
They would describe me as outgoing, funny, loyal, easy to get along with,responsible, loving, and caring.
Do you have any annoying habits? If so, what are they?
As for me in my own words, i would say that I talk too much. And I tend to say whats on my mind faster than thinking about the
consequences of what I say. Although, I have to say,that as I’ve gotten older and dealt with the things I have in life, I’ve gotten more selective in my conversations. That, and I’m a perfectionist on some things, and other things I let go.
Have you ever been in trouble with the law? If so,what for?
Do you do drugs? If Yes, why are you doing it?
Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket?
Yes, one, I was 17 and just out of high school. Sad thing is, It was on the road my house was on.
Are you spontaneous ?
I can be.
Are you a ticklish person?
Yes there are some spots that drive me crazy.
Which part of your body is that?
One place is along my sides under the arms.
How many men have you been with sexually?
What is your idea of a romantic evening?
I’ll enjoy it for both of us to be cooking together in the kitchen, sharing the fun and the work, laughing,talking, and then settling down together to eat in quiet,with champagne, maybe some candles, soft music. I love togetherness, the more together, the more I fall in love.
When you are together with someone, how often do you like to make love?
When and if I am with the right person and the relationship is very serious then I would enjoy making love a lot of the time.
What is something that will put you in the mood for being romantic?
Well for me it would that the special person that I am with would do something good and unexpected for me for no reason,like just doing something to let me know that she was thinking of me when i was away or even just having a conversation and things would head the the direction of romance.
Do you tend to drive fast? Or obey the speed limit?
I usually drive 5mph over the speed limit. I am a careful driver tho.
If you are in a relationship, and live together,how do you view the bills? Are they separated? Or combined?
I would like to think that the bills in part would be combined, I always let my woman to always help me maintain our checking,savings and so forth,i will always do accounting in the relationship….



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