Fight between banks and customers amidst COVID19

Based on the recent development in Nigeria, various banks has been deploying means to ascertain the safety of their customers and workers. Proper hygiene has been put to place in various banks.

Reports reaching us at the early hours of the day states that customers were seen queueing up in various banks in Anambra state, due to the inconvenience being caused, there was exchange of words between the customers and fights. All effort to create a stable environment proved abortive. The customers are thereby calling the attention of the bank managements to ensure proper and immediate attendance to their customers to avoid catastrophic scenario.



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    Serious Matter

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    Nawa for Nigeria ooo

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      What a country right

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    The queues can be a point of contacting alot … Including the virus. This worries me

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      The government should take note

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    Fight??? Not cool

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    Proper guide should be taken

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    Admist this lockdown!! Terrible

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    Nice one

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    oh boy, on top this wahala

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    Funny article

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