Eight things every women needs from their patterns but can’t ask you

You probably think you’ve got it figured through and through about the girl you love. But, don’t get too cocky just yet, there are a couple of things you’re not aware of when it comes to her likes and dislikes. You may think your girl is honest and upfront at all times, she hides absolutely nothing from you and that she’s bold enough to say what she wants to tell you.

No matter how honest she may be with you, there are always some things that she may never say she wants out loud. There are some things that she would love for you to figure out on your own without her having to tell you, things that this woman will never openly admit she wants from you.

In this article I’ll be showing you 8 things that every girl enjoys but will never ask you to do. And without wasting much of your time enjoy, please don’t forget to share, like, and follow us for more interesting information.

8. Beautiful Morning Texts

There is probably no girl who doesn’t like this. It gives them a spark and a kind of believe that you think about then the moment you wake up..

7. Travels

Almost every girl if not all like going on shopping spree, and am pretty sure it comes with them. Every woman wants to go on holiday with their spouse. They really like that a lot.

 6. Taking Her Breakfast To Bed

This is the most romantic action a girl always want from a man. In my view. And I personally doesn’t see anything wrong or bad in preparing a light breakfast or fruits and snacks or maybe toasted bread to your woman.

5. Send Her Flowers

Here in Africa, most men see this as nothing, but it actually counts as most women love the smell of flowers. You can’t expect your girlfriend or your wife to call you up at work and tell you to bring her flowers on your way back home because she loves flowers. They definitely won’t say that.

4. Compliment

Generally speaking, even men likes compliments but most times the men demand it while the women think they deserve it.

3. Pillow Fights

Yeah, the spark and fun at night, mostly every girl likes a pillow fight because they know it might result to another thing entirely in which I know you definitely understand. Yeah your thoughts are right. But it’s just unfortunately, because they will never say it out loud.

 2. Romance

Is there anyone who doesn’t even like this, there’s probably none. The kiss on the forehead, the tickling, and all those related attributes. It’s just that they will never tell you do to so. They always want the man to figure that out themselves.

1. Take Her Out On Date

This is the top of the list, girls love when a man takes them out somewhere nice on a date. Its such a fool-proof way of showing how much they love pampering her. Date nights leads to lengthy, romantic conversations as well.

If you’re a guy and you haven’t been doing any of this, well I’m sure this article has got your covered by exposing eight things that your spouse or girlfriend might have not been telling you but expects you to do. This is the best time to enjoy each other’s company, I’m sure she would love you for that if you start. And for those who have been doing one thing or the other from this. Kudos to you, and keep the fire burning. Thanks for reading

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