Eight steps to get one thousand followers on Instagram

As at June of 2018, the Instagram app recorded one billion active users across the world.
The app was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, and launched in October of 2010 and since then has been our favorite social app for pictures. A perfect place for photographers, artists and travelers and has somewhat served as a portfolio into their worklife.

With a large followers count and an attractive TL you are tagged an “instagram influencer” and this might just be a better way to gain fame and build a career in your community online. If you follow these steps effectively for the next months you’re sure to gain thousands of followers on your instagram.

Here’s Ten Ways to gain Thousands of followers on Instagram:

1 . Understand how Instagram Algorithms work:

This might come off as the hardest, but if you understand right then you’re on your journey to becoming instagram famous. Instagram algorithms is a set of calculations which the features of the app follows. People you follow, likes , messages, stories viewed and your comments are being monitored and the statistic are used in dishing out the contents you see on your timeline.

If the algorithm notices you engage more with a certain page,it keeps placing posts from that page on your timeline.

Algorithm monitors ;

What you like

What you comment on

Stories you view

Time you spend on the app

If you can get this and then understand the time your followers are mostly online and what they engage most with then you can create similar contents and post at same time.

2 . Explore all Instagram Features :

Instagram has a range of features from likes, comments, IGTV, stories, highlights ,live, share and more. To enjoy this app to the fullest, it means you have to use all it’s features. Your followers are mostly following you because they like your contents, might just give them an update about your daily routines with the stories features or highlights on your profile.

Spice it up by giving your highlights a theme and your profile post a brand, use a certain content plan , a catchy yet different template,something to make anyone come back to your page.

3 . What does your bio say?

If your bio says “follow for follow” or “if you unfollow I block you” you might want to reconsider. Your instagram Bio is your Identity card into the internet space, it’s more of a mini CV, an opening into your brand. It defines your content, from a writer to brand influencer and serial enterpreneur, there’s a list of things you can put on your bio to get your visitors hooked. Check out these bios from influencers @blackdotmandy and @mofe_ade

Consider what you do and find a way to spice it up as a bio.

4 . Understand Instagram Hashtags :

Using hashtags get to push your post in explore pages of people with similar interest but use the right hashtag and then comes the understanding part. Using popular hashtags can get your post nowhere if we are to be honest, reason is , these hashtags are used almost every second of the day as new posts are uploaded my millions over the world and that means in the explore page of these hashtags your post can be at number 300 in just a second of you uploading it because others are using it too. Hashtags like #cute , #happy #instagood #fashion and #love get lost in the list almost immediately after posting.

Focus on smaller hashtags where there’s a 90% possibility of getting seen. For example you might consider using #fashioninfluencer instead of #fashion.

5 . What does your post tell? Tell a story

Not like tales by moonlight but more of “this is what I represent” or “this is my brand”. Are you selling goods online and you want to meet your target audience? Then it’s best you start telling your story with the right marketing contents. Make videos and pictures of your products and as influencer start making contents with what you do or content that seek to please your audience which in this case is the youth. Create a brand, be the brand and share a story.

6 . If it’s trendy you should follow suit :

Its social media ! it’s trending! No one gets followers from being in the sideline, so you might have to join the trends because people follow what’s popping , if there’s a social media challenge in your industry then you should join it. Make videos or pictures about and post.

7 . Engagement is key:

If you can get Instagram Algorithm right then next thing to do is engage. Engage with people’s post and they mostly tend to reciprocate the favor. Like, share and comment. Always remember that engagement is the key to unlocking the beauties of Instagram.

8 . Post Everyday

Except you’re going for a personal social media hiatus. You need to post everyday even if it’s just a story to keep you good in instagram algorithm. It’s data and it’s definitely not easy but you’ll get to have followers and the end and it’s worth it.



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