EDO 2020: Promote peace, stop the confrontations, I Go Dye writes Obaseki

Star humour merchant and Sustainable Global Peace Ambassador, Francis Agoda, famously known as I Go Dye has written to the embattled governor of Edo State, Godwin Obaseki who was disqualified by his party, All Progressives Congress, APC to contest in the June 22 Governorship Primary Election to embrace peace and drop further confrontations with members of the party perceived to be behind his plight. I Go Dye made a copy of the letter available to Vanguard.


“Please, drop these confrontations and work out peace with all concerned. Lastly, let me remind you that they can’t shave someone’s hair in his absence, so the verdict against you was done on a collective basis by different institutions bigger than Oshiomole. Please walk away from further confrontations, so that tomorrow your profile can still be kept intact as a technocrat,” a part of the letter reads.


“At this moment, you should understand that money doesn’t buy true loyalty. Look beyond pride and ask for reconciliation with every member of your party. You have done what you feel is right and I will advise that you should. Let go of these confrontations. Further damage is avoidable if you take some moments of silence to ignore some of the issues raised. Please, you shouldn’t listen to those who have made you go through this with their wrong advice. Please, don’t allow them to deceive you into greater confrontations by luring you to decamp to another party,” he added.



The comedian went further by chronicling his closeness to the governor and the National Chairman of the APC, highlighting his connection and commitment to the Edo State government.


The letter reads:


“Sir, I respect your knowledge and I am a man of firm belief in justice, fairness and truth. This belief made me stand with Adams Oshiomole when his mandate was stolen from him, till we found justice.


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In the course of my career, I have met and performed for you and Oshiomole. I was never an appointee or beneficiary of any contract while he was there as governor, which you are aware of, I am always on my professional standard. In view of my belief in justice for all, I do solemnly request that if you know that your rights were abused, and the issues raised by the screening committee were not correct, you have a right to challenge it anywhere. I will stand by you on that note, but if you truly know within your conscience, that they are correct, please don’t bring yourself to public ridicule.


I had met you closely just three times, the first encounter was when the idea of your becoming the governor started. You told me your plans of transforming Edo State to a mini Dubai. We had a warm chat when you started consultation with different persons and groups, thereafter I met you again at the victory party hosted by Oshiomole for you at Ring Road. On that occasion, I told you I will speak out,if things went right or wrong. Not long ago, I met you in Abuja and gave you my observations about some of your projects.


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As Sustainable Global Peace Ambassador, I had met with your Deputy, Philip Shaiubu, at the onset of this issue with your party and the National Chairman, which also prompted me to write Comrade Adams Oshiomole on your behalf, trying to find a path to a peaceful reconciliation.


Sir, one of the issues against you in the public domain is the non swearing-in of the 14 House of Assembly members even after the Senate and House of Representatives intervention. It’s not too late for you to do even now, so as to put your name in the Hall of Fame as a man of integrity and peace.


This issue is above the interest of the National Chairman, more stakeholders in your party were being offended in the course of this agitations, even with several peace committees being set up . You have a great mindset but many people are of the opinion that you have allowed the advice and egocentric attitude of those closer to you , some of whom are envious of your position as the governor today, becloud your reasoning.


Your close friend, Adams Oshiomole is not a saint, but he has been able to negotiate peace and loyalty of friendship with almost every one that he had issues with while forcing you against the wish of his party members years ago. But you have not won any of your aggrieved friends or party members to your side in the last two years. The gap between you, your fellow Benin brothers and kinsmen continue to expand. As a sign of respect to our Royal Majesty, the Oba of Benin, please call all your brothers together and apologise to them, it will go a long way to strengthen your prosperity and future happiness.


I stand to be corrected, none of you involved in these confrontations is right or wrong, what is missing is that sweet friendship of childhood ,that has been challenged by western civilization. All the subjects in this land belong to one royal stock and indivisible family under the leadership of Oba Ewuare II , the great Oba of Benin.


Please take time to be alone for sometime, stay away from many people and accept the truth to yourself, that it was grace that brought you this far, not knowledge or the power of any man. Appreciate those who God used to fulfill his destiny in your life.


A lot can still be attributed to your name, so, you still have a chance to achieve more infrastructural development than your predecessor, by elevating the standard. As a Global Goals Ambassador, I would love to see a road project better than Airport Road with international standards. This is part of the landmark projects that will speak in your absence, otherwise nothing might be used to celebrate your tenure.


At this point I will remind you to try and complete some of the projects that you have embarked upon with an attitude of excellence. The ongoing Ekewan Road, Amagba and Irrirhi Roads are too narrow without futuristic insight. The residents in those areas will suffer erosion in no distant time please do this so that history will not taint your legacies. Once more, please take it upon yourself to promote peace, there is no time too late to achieve lasting peace.”


I Go Dye has become popular for his public letters to Nigerian leaders. On different occasions, he has written letters to President Muhammadu Buhari, Atiku Abubakar, Emmanuel Uduaghan, to mention a few.



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