Curb Your Social Media Addiction

A study performed by California State University found that individuals that visited any social media site at least 58 times per week were 3 times more likely to feel socially isolated and depressed compared to those who used social media fewer than 9 times per week.


The truth is, stepping away from social media on a regular basis is a healthy ritual for all of us to practice, and not exclusively recommended during moments of transition, vulnerability, heightened anxiety, or crisis.


Reasons Why A Social Media Hiatus Is Critical


For many of us, social media can feel like an anxiety-fueled space, and it’s up to us to decide when to turn it off and not let the negativity seep into our personal space. Shutting off the noise on social media by taking a break can be the healthiest boundary you set for yourself , which is the ultimate form of self-care.


It helps you stay focused on your goals. Stepping away from social media ensures that you keep your eyes on your prize. This means no wasted energy thinking about others’ comments and who viewed your latest Instagram Story.


It helps you reconnect and come back stronger

Use this time to reconnect and upgrade a social media relationship to a real-life interaction, whether it’s a phone call or movie date.



Signs it might be time to take a social media break:



–Do you spend more time on social media interacting with others than you do in real life?


– Do you feel physical urges to be on social media?


– Do you feel a sense of anxiety from not being able to access social media?


– Do you feel low and unworthy after scrolling through your feed?


-Do you spend more than two hours a day on social media?


– Do you retreat to social media while feeling down?



5 Ways To Try A Social Media Detox


Curb The Urge: Remove your notification alerts and group your social media apps into folders to make them more difficult to access.


Leave Your Phone At Home: When you first start limiting your social media use it can feel limiting and create feelings of anxiety. Challenge yourself to leave your phone at home while running errands or exercising, to create a safe space without access to social media.


Create Phone-Free Zones: Make mindfulness a habit by creating a space for your phone to charge outside of your bedroom. The blue light before bed can inhibit sleep, eyesight, and impact your mental state.


Sleep On Airplane Mode: If this is a possibility for you, turn on airplane mode before you go to bed, so that you won’t see notifications first thing in the morning. By creating a ritual that incorporates more “you time,” it will be easier for you to break the social media habit.


Start With Weekends Off: Sign out of all social media apps first thing Saturday morning to curb the craving. Monitor how you feel by Sunday night and resist the urge to log on until Monday.


And as a final reminder: don’t worry about missing anything on social during your break. All the inspiration and connections you need are all around you: it’s simply time you looked up and noticed it all.



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