Cristiano ronaldo likely to join one of these clubs

The former Real Madrid superstar so far failed in an attempt to win the European title for his present club (Juventus) but still played a very significant role in the success of the club, with an incredible 53 goals in 75 appearances for the Italian giants.

However, journalist and Radio Rossonera director Pietro Balzano Prota claims Ronaldo could leave Juve this summer to ease their financial burden amid the coronavirus pandemic. If the transfer move actually happens, there is a possibility of him joining one of these four clubs:

1. PSG:

There is a tendency of Cristiano Ronaldo joining the French giants, with the club president Nasser Al-Khelaifi sparked fresh speculation by praising the Juve superstar. He told France Football: “He remains motivated by this desire to improve every day and he always pushes his limits. I admire this relentless will; he is a great example for all athletes of the future.”

This sparked rumors that the Ligue one former champions may likely want to see the player in their respective club. Cristiano Ronaldo has played for many top European leagues, like the premier league, la Liga, and presently Italian league, he might likely love to have a taste of the league one, having been listed as one of the top European leagues.

2. Real Madrid:

It won’t be a surprise to see Cristiano Ronaldo heading back to his former club, due to the legacy he builds before making a transformation. During his nine (9) years playing for Madrid, he enjoyed a dominating season hitting the back of the net with 450 goals in 438 appearances, with four champions league title with the football club.

Back in April his Portuguese teammate Jose Monte said, he (Ronaldo) could likely make a return to Bernabeu, Jose stated: “It’s clear that he loves the club itself, it’s one of the biggest clubs in the world, if not the biggest,” Fonte said. “He’s left many, many friends there and he’s always left the door open, So I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes back to Real Madrid.”

3. Manchester United:

With the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo’s biggest start of a successful career started at old Trafford. seeing the Portuguese winning his first champions league ever with the reds, accomplishing many successful records like winning the golden boots, and even making him the first player from an English club to win the World best player award.

Even after leaving the club in 2009 for Madrid, United still have their loyalty and support for the superstar. He scored 118 goals in 292 appearances at United under Sir Alex Ferguson, who played a huge part in his rise to the top of world football.

4. Sporting Lisbon:

If Ronaldo will follow the footsteps of many football stars, then he might likely go back to his childhood club. Where he racked 31 appearances before moving to United in 2003. As reported by Fox Sports, he said in 2019: “Will I go back to Sporting like Nani? “In football, you never know. It was the right decision to leave the national [team] momentarily, but I’ll be back in 2019.”

Where Do you Think, he May like to play for before retirement?



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