Courses that don’t require mathematics in Nigeria

You may have been looking for that course you can study that doesn’t require mathematics. Are you truly Mathematics enemy or the opposite? then you are on the right page.

Majority of young school-leavers in Nigeria do have a tough time with maths even right from their primary school and this often reflects in their WAEC or NECO result.

Mathematics looks difficult for most students even though some claim it is simple, nevertheless either simple or hard we have various reasons which depend on the student in question. Some courses don’t require mathematics so the need for this post is important.

Having credit in Mathematics is compulsory for a science student in Nigeria, so definitely if you are studying any science course at the University you really need to pass Maths.

Also, what if one did not pass maths in the SSCE exam? does that mean you have to waste another 1 year to retake the exam? You can always go for other courses of your choice that doesn’t require mathematics, that is why we have taken our time to write this post.

If you are desperate for admission in any of Nigerian Universities or other Nigerian Institutions then there are two options to consider; either you take another examination either WAEC, NECO or GCE and you can’t combine if you are lucky to have a credit in the exam or you retake that very exam again, the other option is for you to change your course to a related course.

So if you are going for the second option which is you changing your course to a course that doesn’t require a pass in mathematics, then you really need to read this post to the end.

Though some of those courses require you to have at least a D7 or E8 in your WAEC, NECO or GCE and some don’t even require mathematics at all. So, based on the scenario you find yourself you will know what is best for you.

We have divided the courses into segments like for science, commercial and art courses you can study in Nigeria without maths.

Without much ado, let us quickly look at the courses that do not require mathematics.

Art Courses You Can Study In Nigeria Without Maths

Generally, most art courses don’t require mathematics even in Jamb and WAEC, this is mainly because of the nature of their courses.

Below you will find a list of art courses that can be studied without mathematics in most Nigerian Universities.

Christian Theology

Languages (English, Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo, French and others)

Criminology and Security studies



Islamic Studies

Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution


Hospitality and Tourism

Social studies

Mass Communication

Government and Public Administration

Social Development

Policy and Administrative Studies

French and International Relations

Political Science

International Relations and Diplomacy



Counsellor Education

Hotel and Tourism Management


Political and Administrative Studies

Guidance and Counselling

Elementary Education

Drama / Dramatic / Theatre / Performing Art

Environmental Education

Policy and Strategic Studies

Physical and Health Education

Library and Information Science

Science Courses That Requires Little Or No Mathematics

Do not be deceived, mathematics is the backbone of the majority of science courses though some courses require little or no maths and we will list them here. For science courses like Medicine related courses, you need a strong maths grade for them.

Nevertheless, some Nigerian universities didn’t make it compulsory for prospective students, but at the cause of studying the course at the university, you may need to do some calculations.

So, we advise you to read through your brochure so as to know such institutions and if you are good with that you can proceed with your admission application.

Here is the list of science courses in Nigeria that require little or no mathematics at the tertiary level.





Nutrition and dietetics

Fisheries and Aquaculture

Crop Science

Soil science





Veterinary medicine

Are There Commercial Courses You Can Study Without Mathematics?

Most commercial related courses require maths at all levels, as at the time of writing this post with our thorough research we haven’t found any course that doesn’t require mathematics.

No Nigerian university or other tertiary institution will give you admission without mathematics because they are mostly commerce-related which automatically means calculations is a must, so make sure you have at least a credit pass in mathematics.

In case you know any commercial courses that can be studied without the need for mathematics in Nigeria or if there is any course that is missing on our list kindly make use of the comment box so we can make research about them and update this post.

For every students especially the science and commercial student, mathematics is compulsory, and if you give your best to train yourself well in that aspect it will surely assist you during the selection process in the higher institution.

So you need to take this advice seriously, even for someone in the art department, the fact that you have mathematics and a good grade then your chances of being admitted are always very high compared to others.

Have we helped you with the above post? If yes then kindly share with your friends and also those that you think might need this post, and if there’s is anything you think is missing on our list kindly make use of the comment box and we will see to it.



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