Corona virus prevention

How do you know if you have corona virus?

1: itching in the throat.
2: dry throat.
3: dry cough.

So if you notice any of these three things quickly take hot water and drink plus garlic.Note it takes like two weeks for this virus to penetrate ur whole body,with this initial remedy of garlic and hot water kills it

Do not keep this information for yourself passed on to all your friends, it maybe helpful.


1. Corona is a large virus. The diameter of the virus is 400-500
micro, so that any type of mask can prevent entry into our
bodies and does not need to use expensive masks.

2. Corona virus does not float in the air, but sticks to objects,
so that transmission is not through the air.

3. When attached to a metal surface, the corona virus can live
for 12 hours. Washing hands with soap and water is enough.
4. When attached to a cloth, the corona virus can live for 9
hours, so washing clothes or drying it in the sun for 2 hours is
enough to kill it.

5. When attached to the hand, the corona virus can live for 10
minutes, so that it provides an alcohol-based sterilizer
enough to be on guard.

6. When in the air at temperatures 26-27 ° C, the corona virus
will die so it does not live in hot areas. In addition, drinking
hot water and basking in the sun is enough as a precaution.
Avoiding cold foods and drinks including ice cream is very

7. Gargling to deep with warm water and salt will kill the
corona virus around the pharynx (landslide – Jw.) And prevent
it from entering the lungs.
Following these instructions is enough to prevent the corona




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    itching in the throat, dry throat, dry cough. So basically this are symptoms of Covid 19

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    Nice info, thanks for sharing

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    Corona virus does not float in the air, but sticks to objects

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    Thanks for sharing

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