Christ and the Mystery of the Four Elements of “Water”, “Earth”, “Air” and “Fire”.

The four elements of matter are generally recognised as “water”, “earth”, “air” and “fire”. These elements consist of the entire essence of the physical universe as we know it. In other words, all that exist in our seen physical universe is comprised of one or more of these elements. They are the constituent materials of all known matter.

That is the known fact. What may not be in the public domain however is the mystery underlying these elements as encapsulating the stages of evolutionary creation and the corresponding the energies existing in the universe. The elements are the transition points of universal evolution from creation to the Godhead. Each of the elements stands for the a particular evolutionary stage in creation and encapsulate the energy level unique to that stage. The evolutionary journey of mankind through creation follows the path of that of the elements as the events in the life of Jesus Christ aptly captures it. But before we relate this journey of the soul, as clearly expressed by the events of Christ life, to the significant places of the elements, let us first of all learn more about their spiritual significance

The categorisation and orientation of the elements.

The four elements can be broadly categorised into two, based on their material and spiritual affinity and the energy level expressed thereby.

The “water” element and the “earth” element together comprised of the ‘lower elements’. Together, they express the energies of the mundane world. The force that rules the physical manifestations in the universe, and the natural animal instincts stems from the lower elements and is upward oriented.

The elements of “air and “fire” however are of the higher category with finer energies that instigate the noble instincts in creation and is downward oriented.

One might want to know what informs the orientation of the categories of the elements. Why does the energies that emernate from each of the categories act in the direction they do. Well, like we pointed out earlier, the whole range of the elements symbolize the entire evolutionary journey of creation. The “water”, “earth” “air” and “fire”, in that particular order expresses the phases of evolutionary creation from start to finish. The elements of “water” and “earth” therefore, as the starting point of this journey provide the impetus that drives the soul( the soul is simply a miniature universe) to its desirable point of creation, the final stage of evolution, as symbolized by “fire”; in fulfilment of it true potential. This final stage of evolution is the Godhead. That is why the appellation of “fire” is often associated with God in many scrptures.

The “air” “and the “fire” are the end point of evolutionary creation. In order for the soul to be able to rise above the turgid state of the “water” and “earth” elements, it requires a decogesting force, a purging force that will enable it to shed the turgid materials weighing it down, in order to be able to rise to the level of the higher elements. That is why the elements of “air” and “fire” are always proceeding downward to perform this important function for the evolving soul; hence their action is downward. It is noteworthy to point out here that the manifestation of fire is closely knitted to that of the air, just as that of water is to the earth. Hence the categories.

Christ’s life as an expression of this journey.

The pattern of of events in the life of the master Jesus Christ are clear expressions of the path that the soul must take in order to make its way back to God. Unfortunately, the significance of these events as the ‘way shower’ to “salvation” has been lost to the understanding of men, and are in themselves considered as constituting salvation itself. The ‘baptism’, ‘death’, ‘resurrection’ and ‘ascention’ of Christ do not constitute of salvation itself nor does the ‘belief’ in the actual occurrence of these events in the life if the master Jesus. But salvation, as typified by these events in the life of christ consist of the experience of each unique soul of these events in its evolutionary journey of salvation. That is why Christ boldly affirmed, ” I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comment unto the father but by me”. This is because the essence of Christ life is meant to typify the path of this evolutionary journey of the soul back to the Godhead. There are no shortcuts to it.

Now let us examine these events in the life of Christ and how they express this path of salvation that is laid down from creation.

The baptism of Christ

In the book of genesis (Gen:1)account of creation, it said in the beginning the earth was void and water covers the surface of the earth, and the spirit if God move about on top of the water. What this means is that “water” is the primordial element from which all other manifest terrestrial creation, including man, was made. And in order to quicken these creations God permits an infusion of himself in them. Thus, all manifest creation has an infusion of the supreme being inherent in them. But this infusion(soul) by its nature cannot find permanent comfort in this material of its holding and so is embroiled in the eternal quest for escape back to its point of origin, which is the Godhead. At this point you may want to ask why did the infusion has to take place in first place, if it’s not going to be permanent. Well, you have to remember that creation, as we know it would not have been possible without this infusion taking place. So the symbolism of baptism which has to be by water, as Christ was made to go through underscore the significance of creation as an infusion of the spirit in the gross primordial matter, “water”, from which it must emerge in other to find its way back to God. The baptism also symbolize the surmounting of the energy of creation that binds these two materials of distinct nature together, in order for the soul to rise towards the destination of its original state.

The death and ressurection of Jesus Christ.

In the genesis account of creation that I alluded earlier, the first thing that the primordial spirit commanded to come out of the water is “earth”(Gen. 1:9). So it was from the earth which proceeded out of the water that other creation of gross matter were actually made. This is an indication of the progression of creation. In accordance with the divine principle of order and harmony, each substance in creation must seek reunion with its divine state. The book of genesis account has it that man was made from the dust of the earth. It is into this earth actually that God breathed (the infusion) the breath of life. This is not to say that the infusion of primordial matter started from the earth. Recall that the first act of creation, according to this account is the light. This is the energy of the Godhead needed to infuse primordial matter in order for creation to be possible. The emergence of the earth from the primordial matter of water could therefore, only have been made possible by the infusion of it by the force of creation, without which no change would be possible. But this infusion was raised to a higher level in the earth element, which eventually gave rise to higher forms of life. This pattern continues through the stages of the emergence of all the other elements, as we shall make clear in the course of this lecture.

The significance of Christ death and ressurection therefore typifies the next necessary stage of the soul’s journey in its emergence from the infusion with primordial matter. It as well symbolizes the necessity of surmounting this stage of creation in order for the soul to find its freedom back to God. These are necessary stages through which every soul aspiring to get to God must go through. In as much as Christ was not able to bypass any of these stages of the soul’s evolutionary journey back to God, neither can any of us. It is the natural path for each individual soul seeking to find its true state in the Godhead.

In the next and concluding part of this discussion, we shall examine the other incidents of Christ’s life and how they relate to the other elements known to man. Please be sure to hit the “follow” button so you don’t miss out on the concluding part of this discussion. Thank you for your time and stay blessed.



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